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Great Wall Safe – specifications, features, reviews

Great Wall Safe - specifications, features, reviews 1

Great Wall Safe – Specifications, Review

Great Wall Safe - specifications, features, reviews 2

All about the Great Wall Safe: specifications, owner reviews

Great Wall Safe car, like chinese jeep hover was released by Great Wall. This all-terrain vehicle was produced from 2001 to 2009 in China, after which it began to be produced at the Russian factory in the city of Gzhel.

The car Great Wall Safe Specifications It is similar to the 1999 Toyota Runner Japanese car, since it was according to the technological documentation of this car that the Safe was produced. It is driven by a 2.2-liter engine, producing a maximum power of 105 hp, it is aggregated with a five-speed “mechanics”. Car patency is good specifications Great Wall Safe this is confirmed by: 16-inch wheels, front independent torsion bar suspension, rear dependent spring suspension, optional hard-drive all-wheel drive, 12-meter turning circle.

One of the main advantages Great Wall Safefuel consumption. The fact is that when creating this vehicle, the Chinese manufacturer decided to make some changes to the engine design from Runner and made it so that the car can be refueled with 92nd gasoline. In addition, it has been optimized and fuel consumption,Great Wall Safe for every 100 km of the way it requires only 10 liters of gasoline, that is, its consumption as for an SUV is within reasonable limits. As a result of this, even the popular chinese suv hover consumes more fuel.

Great Wall Safe cars are produced in two versions, the differences of which are in different interior design and different types of drive: all-wheel drive version and rear-wheel drive modification. The interior can be upholstered in two colors: gray with a gray dashboard and beige with a black dashboard. Both options are quite worthy, confirm this and reviews Great Wall Safe.

In the Russian car market, Great Wall Safe cars are the most common in the basic configuration with fog lights, power steering, heated rear-view mirrors, electric drive, full-size spare wheel, air conditioning, central locking with remote control, power windows for all doors, parking sensors, heated seats, 16-inch alloy wheels, rear heated wheels glass. Previously, a version with a galvanized body was optionally offered..

Thus, we can conclude that the technical characteristics of the machine Great Wall Safe, reviews owners and its advantages fully confirm that it is a practical sports car or car for outdoor activities, as it is positioned by the manufacturer.


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