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I know from experience that the most unpleasant and time-consuming troubleshooting, these are “incomprehensible” malfunctions. Such that, when the owner of the machine begins to list them, then there is a feeling of unreality: “This cannot be!” Because illogicality climbs from every word.

Well, judge for yourself, let me give you the last example: a GREAT WALL Hover 2007 car. The problem began to arise gradually: now a man was riding and driving, and he wanted to lower the window, it was hot. Mechanically and without being distracted from the road, he pressed the power window button and the car jerked and stalled at the same moment. He did not understand. I looked at the dashboard, on the sides – everything is fine. Only it is extremely incomprehensible … the man started the engine again and drove off. And then he recalled this incident and told acquaintances as something extremely surprising: “This cannot be, but it was – I’ll tell you now …”.

And he would have forgotten about this case, and would not have recalled – if this had not happened again: he wanted to open a window, pressed a button, and the car once died out. And here I was no longer surprised, but had to get nervous and think that he might have to go to a car service and deal with this incomprehensible problem.

But in life, as it happens: “Until the roasted rooster pecks.” And the malfunction inside the car lived, developed until one more thing happened – incomprehensible, mysterious and disturbing: during the trip I pressed the brake, and the car took and died out … release the brake, start the engine again – you go as if nothing had happened . So the only conclusion is: “To a car service! Yes, quickly. “.

Of own experience in finding and eliminating such “mysterious” malfunctions I know that when a malfunction with the tag “incomprehensible, illogical, mysterious”, the problem may be in the automotive electrician.

I always look with curiosity at the client, who will tell about the cause of the malfunction, show her place and name the price for the work. Another wonders why it is so expensive.

“Expensive” is relative. I understand that everyone does what he does and wants to receive adequate money for his work. A search for an “incomprehensible, mysterious, illogical” malfunction is about the same as throwing a needle into a pile of sand at KAMAZ, dumping this sand onto the ground and saying: “Now, let’s find this needle” …

Of course, there is a definite and many-year experience in searching for such malfunctions, so I can show from where I started looking for the malfunction:

This is a driver’s seat and everything about him. Why: this is where all the information and power circuits of the car go. And when the malfunction is “incomprehensible and mysterious”, then one can assume a bad contact somewhere, a bad “mass” and the like. And how do you think, how many contacts, connection points can be located in the space shown in the photo above? Not ten, for sure. But the figure of “one hundred or more” is already closer to the truth. And each contact, connector, connection point needs to be inspected, examined, and verified that it is operational.

Unfortunately, at that time I had certain difficulties under the name of “information hunger” and could not find a specific circuit for specific sections of electrical circuits. And this is not “surprising.” Probably only dealers can have complete information, and we, private car entrepreneurs, have to dodge somehow.

However, not everything is so bad. I know that the Legion-Avtodata company has been developing and promoting its Motordata program for many years. But I won’t lie: at that time I didn’t have the necessary electric circuit of this car:

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– I got this circuit later. And here’s what I thought: “if this sketch were at that time, then troubleshooting would take much less time”.

Well, I began to clarify the problem and look for this mystery in the appearance of a malfunction. He started with the ignition, then went on to check the fuses under the hood, the fuse box in the cabin. Then the doors … harness …

There are different ways to determine the malfunction. In the initial training courses of the same Toyota they are written about them: “Check for brittleness … for bending … to vibration“. And at some point I discovered that when moving and breaking one of the driver’s harnesses, the power was lost. I looked more closely: the tourniquet under the pad of the left rack at the driver’s feet:

And more specifically, the problem rests against this connector:

Gw hover 3

First, theoretically, then practically figured out this place. And when he dismantled it, he nodded in satisfaction: “This is it …”:

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… and some simply rotted:

So much for the “mysterious” malfunction. In principle, “everything is very simple” – if you have many years of experience and a day left. Or “two days + infinity” – depending on the complexity of the task.

To clean, clean the connector and the remaining contacts from the “green” work is ungrateful and unnecessary. Do not leave this. Therefore, I made new connections with another connector.

The question remains: “How could this have been formed? How to avoid this? ” So, this: the car was not a “drowned man” and “greens” on the contacts and connectors from this could not appear. Where then?

As an option, I can offer this: “Violation of factory technology.” What exactly? Inaccurate part sizes, for example. If the “father” enters the “mother” and has at least some kind of clearance, then in this place – provided that a large current flows there, a so-called “vulnerability zone” is created, which provokes carbon deposits on the contact pads and, as a result, poor conductivity – which increases the current, creates excess heat; then comes local heating, reflow, and here it is – a “mysterious” malfunction. And moisture enters the contacts through the slots of the connector seals. All this together creates such a dangerous cocktail that will surely come out together with an “incomprehensible and strange” malfunction. And it’s good if everything, as in this case, will cost “little blood”. But it could have happened otherwise: due to poor contact, the current strength will exceed the maximum permissible value, which can provoke such a strong local heating, which will lead to melting and fire. You will agree with me?

The problem was fixed, the owner of the car left, then called: “Everything is fine.” But how could it be otherwise: “Work must work well.” Correctly say that “the Devil dwells in small things.” And there are hundreds and hundreds of such trifles in a car …

And finally, I want to wish the car owners and our customers: “If you have any“ strange malfunctions ”in your car, do not expect such a malfunction to disappear on your own. She can calm down, hide, disguise herself, but she will continue to live inside electrical circuits and do her dirty deed. And someday it will definitely come out. And it is quite possible – with unpleasant and difficult consequences ”.


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