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Halogen bulbs for car

Halogen bulbs for car 1

Halogen bulbs for car

Halogen bulbs for car 2

One of the most important priorities for any driver is a guarantee of safety for both passengers and other road users. There are a number of measures to increase safety while driving. Among them, elementary driving skills are distinguished, the equipment of a car must meet certain standards, as well as the presence of correctly installed lighting. It is noteworthy that more than half of all traffic accidents occur in the dark. From all this, it remains only to conclude that: coverage of the roadway is an important component of safety while driving. Each motorist is obliged to choose high-quality headlights for his car. So, what are the right headlights??

Historically, a standard elementary incandescent lamp was used for standard lighting. A little later, quartz glass lamps equipped with several halogens appeared, which is why the name went on – halogen lamps. Their service life is 2-3 years, and the lighting from them is several times more powerful. Two components are responsible for the quality of lighting for automotive lamps, one of them is the actual structure of the headlights, diffusers and reflectors, and the second is the lamp. In the first case, the mechanism remains unshakable, and in the second it is possible to make any changes to your taste. The car owner can choose and deliver exactly those lamps that seem most appropriate, and will also contribute to increased safety during trips in the dark both in the city and outside the city.

Halogen lamps have a number of differences in the structure of the cap, the coating of the lamp itself, the light output and the type of filling. It goes without saying that each of the manufacturers of goods for cars wants to create products with maximum differences from other suppliers. The most common format among halogen lamps is H4, where there are 2 filaments and with a power of up to 60 W.

The most powerful lamps are manufactured by Osram, whose beam length reaches 35 meters, which makes it possible to see the smallest details on the roadway. Philips products stand out for their use of advanced European technologies, and Korean MTF products will provide the closest possible lighting to daylight..

Remember that the safety of your and your loved ones depends entirely on the choice of lighting for the car.


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