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All about Harley Davidson Security System

Most modern serially produced Harley-Davidson motorcycles in their basic configuration are equipped with the Smart Security System security system, part of which is a remote key fob that provides remote engine start. And although this system has been around for many years, many still do not know about all the features of the Smart Security module.

The situation has already become familiar: the owner of Harley-Davidson is coming up to his motorcycle, who has been standing alone on the street for a long time, and without inserting the key into the ignition lock (because there is simply no one there …), starts the engine from the button on the right handlebar and quietly leaves on business. This simplified algorithm for starting the engine was made possible thanks to the Smart Security System.

The Harley-Davidson security system is simple and without much sophistication – about the same as in most vehicles with remote access. The main parts of the Smart Security System are a control module mounted on a motorcycle in an inaccessible place (so that attackers could not just pick it out), the antenna (receiving signals at a certain frequency), and the key fob (synchronized with the antenna in frequency and powered by replaceable battery). It is worth noting that the frequency of each pair of “module – key chain” is strictly individual, and therefore the label from one Harley-Davidson does not fit the other.

The convenience of the Smart Security System is that everything happens automatically: when the owner of the motorcycle approaches its Harley to the distance of the antenna (limited to several meters), there is a recognition of the “owner — someone else” – and the control module deactivates the protection. Now it is possible to start the engine and, if necessary, to roll a motorcycle with a muffled motor in the parking lot. If the tag has not passed the identification (or the key fob is simply not nearby), the control unit will not only prevent the engine from starting, but will continue to monitor the unchanged position of the motorcycle in space. Therefore, even when trying to raise such a Harley-Davidson in “readiness” from the side step, the system will first unequivocally warn with a loud beep and light signaling … and in case of repeated anxiety, it will be filled with a loud cry – very, it must be said, shrill and energetic … After the trip and when the tag leaves the communication zone with the Smart Security System module, protection will be automatically enabled.

And now, after a brief digest of the basics, the most interesting is, so to speak, a small Q & A. So:

Q: Is it possible to install the Smart Security System on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle not equipped with this blessed technology?? 
A: Yes you can. Smart Security System is available as an accessory and is freely sold, for example, in the US online store Harley-Davidson. Installation is simple; however, it is better to entrust the programming of the security system to people who have experience in such work.

Q: How to drive away a Harley-Davidson of fellow into the garage, who drank a couple of beer mugs, if the motorcycle owner himself decided to stay at the bar to continue the party, but forgot to give you a key-ring?
A: Just sit down and ride to your destination! After starting the engine, the motorcycle is at your complete disposal – you can go anywhere … But only as long as the ignition button is in the ON position and the engine is running. It is necessary to muffle the engine – for example, at a gas station – and without a keychain, “Harley” will not start … Or is it possible?

Q: What should I do if the Harley-Davidson key is lost / drowned / burned / exploded – or if the battery just runs out of power?
A: If the key fob is lost or damaged, you can always order a new one – and program it from the dealer to the frequency of your motorcycle’s Smart Security System module. In the case when the battery is “dead”, it is reasonable to simply replace it. But if you don’t have a new battery or a spare keychain on hand, but you need to go, there is a way to remove Smart Security protection at Harley itself.

Q: Can I deactivate Smart Security System without a key tag?
Not everyone is up to date, but any modern Harley-Davidson motorcycle equipped with a Smart Security System can be started and used without any keys, key fobs or other “black marks” at all! To do this, you need to know the five-digit PIN-code for a specific device – and the owner of the motorcycle, of course, can program the access code to your taste.

Q: How to disable the Harley-Davidson motorcycle security system using a PIN code.
To do this, turn the ignition to the ON position – and immediately hold down both the turn signal buttons (located on the right and left handlebars). After that, five empty windows will appear on the LCD display of the onboard computer, into which you will have to enter the digital security code. To enter the first digit, select the desired value using the left turn signal key, to go to the next code cell – press the right turn signal button. And so on, until the super-secret cipher is entered entirely. After displaying the entire code, you need to click on the “turn signal” button on the right-hand remote control last time – and Smart Security System is “disarmed”!

Q: How to change the factory PIN on the date of birth of your beloved grandmother?
To enter the security code change menu, you need: 1) the key tag to be nearby and the Smart Security System module to accept it; 2) perform a simple algorithm of actions with the ignition on button: ON – OFF – ON – OFF – ON; 3) then press the left “turn signal” three times , and then – once the right. After that, the turn indicators blink several times, and the current PIN-code will be displayed in the LCD window, which will promptly flash, offering to change it to any five-digit number. Further actions do not differ from those described in the answer to the previous question: using the keys “turn signals”, you need to enter a new code. And in order to save the updated PIN in the memory of the Smart Security System, you must turn off the ignition after the procedure is completed and after the last pressing of the right “turn signal” button! Only after shutdown, the system will accept a new security code.

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2 Replies to “All about Harley Davidson Security System”

  1. I lost my fob and the Harley shop tells me they can’t change the fob or pin without charging me a grand. Is there some way to retrieve the pin and get a new one and a new fob without costing me so much. I’ve tried to do it with the steps above but have had no luck

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