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High fuel consumption and floating engine speeds Gas Sable 2008

High fuel consumption and floating engine speeds Gas Sable 2008 1

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The client came up with the following problem and a wish: the car spontaneously “gasses” until it warms up to a certain temperature, high fuel consumption. Recently, engine overhauls were made. The client’s wish was to replace the software with a later version. It is worth noting that he himself is well versed in the technical part of the GAZ auto family, since he worked with them and owned such personally. In general, I am not a supporter of flashing at the first request of the client and I am of the opinion that the factory software is the most correct and working, so it was decided to diagnose and only then make a decision about replacing it.

The diagnostic work plan was approximately as follows:

1) scanner engine diagnostics;

2) fuel system diagnostics;

3) oscillography of the ignition system.

I connected the scanner, the Mikas 11ET control unit:

High fuel consumption and floating engine speeds Gas Sable 2008 2

It is clear that there were no errors, but the parameters did not have any deviations in operation.

I tried both the control of the actuators and the adjustments: no doubtful moments appeared, the car worked stably.

Diagnostics of the fuel system revealed a noticeable drop in fuel pressure during sharp gas leakage. Asked about the filters: the owner claimed that everything was replaced.

I connected an oscilloscope. The Coil-in-Plug ignition system was installed on the engine of this car, therefore the test is performed by a capacitive ruler by touching the coil housing.

High fuel consumption and floating engine speeds Gas Sable 2008 3

No problems were identified in sparking: accumulation time, explosive breakdown, burning time and the presence of damped oscillations are normal.

Further on, the question arose of me whether to reflash or not. I read the forums, listened to the client’s arguments (he also studied the issue of software problems on his car quite well). I decided to try.

32-series software was installed on the car:

According to many reviews on the Internet, the problem of speed buildup on the cold lies precisely in it: a factory error in the program.

According to the table on, I chose software of the 52nd series. The owner tried to persuade me to the firmware of the 72nd series, but in our case it does not work, because when it is recorded, the block may “crash” due to the software security, and it will just fail to restore it later.

The firmware of the Mikas11ET block is made through the diagnostic connector, which is very convenient. The only thing that needed to be done was to connect the adapter power to the battery terminals.

I read Flash-memory, compared the volume with the downloaded version and replaced the software.

We waited until the car cools down to check that there is no buildup of speed and made a start: the problem is gone.

Regarding fuel consumption, the owner was advised to deal with the fuel pressure regulator, go through the engine break-in and more accurately measure the flow rate on the on-board computer.

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