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Honda Accord – a clean slate

Honda Accord - a clean slate 1

Honda Accord – a clean slate

Honda Accord - a clean slate 2

If the new Accord generation was oriented towards operation in the east of Europe, then it was necessary to test the car there, which, in fact, happened.

The new Accord has noticeably increased in size, both in length and in the base, which has brought additional room for rear row passengers. According to the company’s engineers themselves, the concept of their activities was subordinated to the formula long adopted at Honda: to extract maximum comfort for a person, even if it harms the technical component of the machine.

Another innovation is an increase in visibility, by increasing the area of ​​the glass of the body, although most designers were against this modernization, claiming that the car was losing its rapid exterior. Nevertheless, preference was given to ergonomics – everything for people.

The suspension, in particular the front one, has undergone a global reconstruction, they removed the transverse linkage and installed MacPherson, which has been tested for decades. According to the developers, the car lost a little in wheel kinematics, but this was necessary because of the long-stroke speed of the car, especially when it was used on poor quality road surfaces. And the installation of liquid silent blocks significantly reduced vibration in the car.

The new Accord is really very quiet. It’s all about systems, not only isolation, but also active noise reduction, the latter uses dynamic resistance in sound phases.

The car clearly keeps its course, while the steering course is quite short (2.5 rpm), plus the tasks are complicated by a low level of information. The car does not show the performance of a sports sedan, rather it is a reliable car for family use.

What the new Accord really leads is the dynamics. The basic version offers a gasoline power unit (2.4 liters) and an automatic transmission (5 gears), which, however, is somewhat inadequate for prolonged overtaking. But, having gained speed, the car is stable, quiet, and soft. For our country, this unit was deformed, which allowed the use of AI-92 fuel, but it is not recommended at all, and if dynamic properties are important for you, it is recommended to use AI-95, 98 gasoline.

In the car, to increase economy, many processes are optimized, in particular friction, exhaust gas removal. The version with the V6 engine is much more temperamental, with a margin of traction that would find good use if Accord had four-wheel drive, and not front-wheel drive. Automatic transmission (6 ranges) operates with V6, with a locking torque converter in certain control modes. This engine, like the previous one, after adaptation allows the use of 92nd gasoline.

It’s cozy inside the car, but it would be very bold to call it luxurious. The equipment has not changed much, only a system for tracking invisible zones, heated passenger seats, a new washer of light optics. As for the cost of the new generation, if you trust the marketers, it will not differ much from the cost of the previous version of the Honda Accord. Everything for people!


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