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Honda Accord VIII 2

Honda Accord VIII 2 1

Honda Accord VIII 2.4 AT

Honda Accord VIII 2 2

Honda Accord of the eighth generation, compared with the previous generation, has undergone a number of changes. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the D-class sedan?

The appearance of the eighth generation became more aggressive, but a certain imbalance appeared in the appearance. If the seventh Accord was slender and fit, then the current one came out a bit in size, and added “extra weight.” It used to be a lean styer, but now a sprinter who put on a tuxedo.

The interior is respectable and interesting. Attention is drawn to the instrument panel with a soothing blue backlight, and the monumental center console with a navigation screen. The quality of the materials is up to standard, but hard plastic inserts for metal spoil, in general, a good finish.

The driver’s seat with the wide-spread side support rollers will perfectly suit the driver of a fat physique, but the thin one will not have enough fixation in the corners. Although the wide ranges of electric adjustments will allow everyone to comfortably settle in. The rear passenger row comfortably accepts only two – because of the profiled sofa. The trunk of 467 liters is enough for medium luggage.

The engine with the proprietary i-Vtec timing system produces 200 horsepower and 230 Newton-meters of torque. Gearbox – Five Band Automatic.

To get acceptable acceleration, you need to turn the motor – it is at high speeds that the Accord feels in its native element. At the bottom, there is a lack of traction. Automatic transmission shifts gears quickly but smoothly. Kickdown works great. In general, regarding the dynamics – no revelations. Here with the seventh generation – complete parity.

But handling has changed. Rolls appeared in the corners, at the limit the steering wheel “becomes empty” and becomes uninformative. In fairness, it is worth noting that the Accord clings to the road to the last and, even in critical modes, demonstrates stability on an arc. The previous generation was distinguished by reference reactions and gambling habits in turns, the current one emphasized in a slightly different direction.

Comfort is where the eighth generation lays on the shoulders of its predecessor. Ride improved. The suspension perfectly fulfills bumps in small and medium sizes, and the noise insulation does not allow spurious aerodynamic noise to enter the cabin and disturb the eardrums in it.


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