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Honda Civic 5D VIII

Honda Civic 5D VIII 1

Honda Civic 5D VIII

Honda Civic 5D VIII 2

The space design of this hatchback made a sensation in class C. As if the concept car, the eighth Civic drove onto public roads and markets in different European countries. What was he like?

A glass bulb instead of the usual false radiator grille, rear door opening handles hidden in the body pillars and an unusual shape profile in the form of a blade. So saw the world Honda Civic the eighth generation. Otherwise, this car could not be called a flying saucer. They turned on him, photographed him, dreamed about him.

The interior was also striking in its futurism and scope of design thought. What did the instrument panel cost two levels. A tachometer was placed on the bottom, and a digital speedometer showed information at the top. The quality of the materials was up to standard, but the plastic itself was hard.

The driver’s seat, despite the presence of only basic adjustments, pleased with a good profile and good lateral support. The back row could easily accommodate three, but only two passengers were comfortable. The trunk of 456 liters coped well with average luggage.

The engine of the R18A series with the i-Vtec system produced 140 horsepower and 174 Newton torque with a volume of 1.8 liters. The motor was combined either with a manual gearbox, or with a robot. In the first case, in order to accelerate to a hundred, 8.9 seconds were enough, in the case of a robotic transmission, the time increased by two seconds.

The engine with good traction capabilities gave a good pickup from 3500 rpm, and it turned well until the cut-off.

The mechanics got along well with the engine and was distinguished by good selectivity, but the “robot” often dumb when switching. The situation could be corrected by transferring the transmission to the manual gear selection mode, but at the time of switching, it was still better to remove the foot from the gas pedal.

The chassis, despite having a semi-independent rear suspension, was sporty: sharp, precise reactions to steering turns, good feedback and slight heels made the Civic 5D a serious competitor to Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Golf, which were considered the standard in terms of handling.

Despite good handling, comfort remained acceptable. The stiffer suspension, however, combined with good ride. If at low speeds the body still shuddered, high tones – the car flew holes, almost not noticing them.

Honda Civic 5D eighth generation was an excellent choice for an extraordinary, but at the same time active driver. Also, this hatchback could easily cope with the role of a family car, even despite the seeming impracticality.


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