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Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic Tourer 1

Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic Tourer 2

One of the sensational innovations among cars in 2014 was the calf of the Japanese manufacturer Honda Civic Tourer. External data of this new car is positioned as a family car. One cannot but note the striking resemblance to the Wagon Concept, presented in Geneva in 2013, although the cost of the 2014 novelty is more than 60 thousand rubles.

Civic Tourer is planned on a 235 mm platform and is very similar to its counterparts among the other series of this car model, but only with the front of the body. In all other respects, the five-door station wagon is completely original. If the front view of the car is not surprising, then you should pay attention to the remaining parts – the sloping hood smoothly passes into the sharply littered windshield frame. The roof, even along the entire length of the car, at the trailing edge ends with a spoiler. Complex, but at the same time beautiful elements of this car give it not only a sporty look, but also stand out from the stream of other cars.

Let’s move on to the technical specifications. Honda Civic Tourer has a length of 4525 mm, a width of 1775 mm and a height of 1440 mm. Wheelbase – 2830 mm and 150 mm clearance. The boot floor is located at a height of 565 mm from the road surface. Compared to the hatchback, it is 137 mm smaller. Discs have a radius of 17 mm. A 120 liter fuel tank is located in the front of the body.

The front control panel has a “space” design. The center console is neat, with the placement of a multimedia system, an air conditioning unit and auxiliary car control buttons. The gear knob is located on the surface of the floor tunnel..

The seats of the passengers and the driver, made in sports style, have lateral adjustment. The rear seats can be folded or vertically raised if necessary, which increases the capacity of the car from 624 to 1667 liters. In addition, the surface when the seats are unfolded is perfectly flat.

Lifestyle, Executive and Premium are three trim levels in which the new Honda will be offered for sale. The latest and most expensive version will have keyless access, a panoramic roof, leather trim and many more pleasant things.


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