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Honda CR-V 2

Honda CR-V 2 1

Honda CR-V 2.4

Honda CR-V 2 2

The appearance of the car Honda CR-V 2.4 is pretty pretty. Unusual lines of the body, faceted optics of head lighting with LEDs and body kit give aggression. In general, the exterior is rather concise, but at the same time with the right proportions.

The salon is homely. The decoration is dominated by calm tones, the plastic is soft to the touch and the gaps between the panels are minimal. In terms of tactile sensations, the Japanese took a step forward, and became even closer to European counterparts. The instrument panel is uncomplicated, but with a pleasant backlight and excellent readability. The center console has a screen that displays the navigation system.

The high-seating seat provides good visibility, but the side support rollers are wide apart, which causes some discomfort in the corners. The rear sofa is spacious in all directions – there is a lot of space in the legs, and the shoulders are also very comfortable, so even three can sit here without any problems. Since we are dealing with a station wagon, a few words need to be said about the luggage compartment. Its volume is 589 liters, and if you fold the back sofa, then – 1150 liters.

The 2.4-liter engine develops 188 horsepower. It works in tandem with a stepless variator, and accelerates the crossover to hundreds in exactly ten seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 190 km / h .

Of course, no one expects miracles from this power unit, but the car is able to quite dynamically stay in the stream and confidently go on overtaking. To move dynamically, you need to lower the accelerator pedal to the floor, as the engine reveals its full potential only in the middle and high speed zone. The variator does its job perfectly, but allows you to play with virtual transmissions in S mode – this is unlikely to add dynamics, but it will save you from the monotonous hum of the motor and allow you to more rationally dose traction.

Manageability CR-V deserves flattering words. A difficult SUV responds quite quickly to the driver’s commands, and rolls during rebuilding are satisfactory. Of course, this is not a sedan, however, you can also have fun on such a machine while cornering – the steering wheel is moderately heavy and informative, which, coupled with good feedback, allows you to confidently stay on a high-speed arc.

The ride is excellent – CR-V overcomes bumps of any size with dignity, without annoying the driver and passenger with excessive shaking. Sound insulation is also at a good level – it does not let background noise from the road and the engine rumble into the cabin.

Plug-in four-wheel drive and high ground clearance will do a good job when leaving snowy yards and overcoming high curbs, but you should not count on more. With prolonged overloads, the clutch overheats and disconnects, as a result of which Honda becomes mono-drive, so for conquering off-road it is better to look for another option.

So who is the Honda CR-V for? This car was originally created with an eye on a wide audience, so it is suitable for everyone. But not everyone will like the melancholy engine, although the chassis allows you to drive fast.


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