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Honda Crosstour Car: Sedan or SUV

Honda Crosstour Car: Sedan or SUV 1

Honda Crosstour Sedan or SUV?

Honda Crosstour Car: Sedan or SUV 2

Probably the only right decision so that there is no confusion, as in our case, give a name to cars that will strictly correspond to their technical characteristics and purpose. For example, Citycar. Clear? Of course! Or Beachroll, all the more clear. What about Crosstour?

It turns out that a lot depends not only on the primary purpose and operation methods, but also on climatic conditions. For all these factors, the Honda Crosstour can change its technical vocation. The developers themselves are inclined to believe that the car is still more suitable for tourism, but in certain situations, including weather, it can completely replace the crossover. Some will doubt what kind of crossover is mentioned at all with such a long base, close to 3 meters? Of course, this is not entirely conducive to overcoming the terrain, so you can damage the bottom, and remain without the ICE pan.

The other side of the coin: the vehicle’s ground clearance is 200 mm, it is all-wheel drive, mounted on active tires with very impressive disks, while the car does not have locks, low gear, even winter control.

But the developers of the prefix cross did not think at all to say that the car is designed to drive on difficult off-road, with all the ensuing consequences. The advanced functionality of the car simply opens up opportunities for the motorist to feel confident in various traffic situations, and they happen quite often.

For example, Crosstour overcomes domestic roads (not of the best quality) with stoic calm, driving in places where lighter cars would definitely populate. Of course, such dimensions, especially in length, cause their inconvenience. If you turn off the stabilization system on a slippery road, the car can arrange a “walk on the road,” and it’s not immediately clear what kind of drive it has, full or front-wheel drive. But this is for the sake of verification. In everyday use, few people would think of disabling the VSA system. But the issue has been resolved with long-distance parking, thanks to the aft surveillance camera.

The car has a gasoline atmospheric internal combustion engine with a volume of 3.5, accelerating a 2-ton car to 100 km. in less than 10 sec. Not bad, right? The automatic transmission unit is ideally selected, it is especially effective when operating the machine in Sport mode. In this case, the speed reaches 4 thousand, in other modes, the car shows itself more phlegmatically.


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