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Honda mobilio

Honda mobilio 1

Without keyword

A curious car, a curious malfunction: “The motor stalls by itself.” The engine of this square car lives its life when it wants to – it works, when it doesn’t want it – it doesn’t work.

Customers are smart now. The Internet is always at hand. Read, read, then go to the car and say: “I repaired everything!” – Takes off the battery terminal and the CHECK lamp on the dashboard stops burning. But not for long, as you yourself understand. Then everything in a circle.

This is exactly what the client did before arriving at our car service:
– I threw off the terminal, sort of repaired, now you have to figure it out …

Well what can I say. Emotions, emotions … leave it inside. It remains only to mumble “Awesome you did”, and begin to deal with the malfunction.

Such cars come across infrequently: four cylinders, eight spark plugs. Well, let’s get started. Let’s see the spark plugs for a start?

Inspection identifies problems:

As you can see in the photo, there are problems in the ignition system..

Honda mobilio 2

At hand is the Motordat program, I look at the schematic:

Eight spark plugs, two ignition coils per cylinder. That is, twice as many possible problems with the ignition system than in a regular “four-candle” car.

And why not ask for a “clue from the audience”? There is such a function in the Motordat program, look at the screen below, where the arrow shows – a button with the letters “http”:

Honda mobilio 3

Leafing down. But alas … I don’t find anything like that or exactly the same. For reference, if someone does not know (he recently found out, by the way): when you click on this button, the Motordat program displays a list of published articles on the Internet on the requested topic.

I found a similar ignition system for myself, clicked on the highlighted. The file immediately downloaded, opened:

Honda mobilio 4

Yes, unfortunately, specifically for my malfunction, there was no article (but I would like to!), But refreshing the memory is also useful. I return to the malfunction and reflection: “Why does it stall suddenly?” I am considering the engine compartment, I pay attention to the location of the ignition coils, spark plugs, harnesses. There was one thought …

More precisely, I remembered how in one article on the Legion-Avtodata Internet portal I read about this. True, it was about another manufacturer, but the situation is too similar.

The above photos on the tips of the spark plugs are from the second, farthest row. And there is a harness nearby, in which wires are woven from a variety of sensors, including from the crankshaft sensor.

I suggested as an option to consider the events: suppose that a malfunction in the ignition system initiates interference in … for example, the signal from the crankshaft sensor. The signal from the crankshaft sensor takes a distorted shape. The on-board computer is puzzled, does not understand the reason and does not find anything better than how to stop the engine. This is one option. But another option is possible.?

Probably. The first option he brought as he thought – offhand, but later, after talking with smart people, in particular with Alexei Nitochkin (his articles are here:, he thought that his version of the development of events due to a malfunction would be more acceptable. What is the option? Let him say it’s worthless to climb “across the dad into the hell” …-).

In any case: “the reason for the sudden stop of the engine lies precisely in the unstable operation of the ignition system.” How to check?

The simplest option that the logic tells is to cut off the back row of coils and spark plugs. Let the client ride a little on four candles, nothing bad will happen, there will be a small “failure” and only.

As the checks and test trips of the client showed, the assumption turned out to be accurate. After troubleshooting in the ignition system, the car stopped upsetting our client, he left and, as far as I know, still drives “happily ever after”.

Kudryavtsev M.E..
© Legion Avtodata


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