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Honda Pilot – a long distance cruiser

Honda Pilot - a long distance cruiser 1

Honda Pilot – a long distance cruiser

Honda Pilot - a long distance cruiser 2

Americans love big, solid cars with a powerful engine, simple controls and a comfortable interior. Therefore, automakers specifically for the US car market are developing special configurations and models of cars. In our country, motorists have to travel considerable distances, so cars that are developed for the United States are the best suited for us. On a large, comfortable car, you can reach your destination without any problems. If you decide to buy a similar vehicle, then you should pay attention to the Honda Pilot model.

Features of the bodywork

The body of the Honda Pilot does not have any frills. This is a massive, wide, long and tall car that looks impressive, solid. In the front part there is a large head optics provided with LED running lights. The grille is massive, trimmed with chrome. The thresholds are illuminated and at night it seems that the car is flying over the road.

Housing elements are made of high quality, thick metal. Therefore, even if you do not begin to subject the car to anti-corrosion treatment, this will not lead to negative consequences. Thus, we can conclude that the body of the Honda Pilot is designed quite simply, but it is this simplicity that attracts attention to it..

Interior Design Features

Salon Honda Pilot eight-seat, seats are arranged in three rows. At the same time, the third row seats are full-fledged; passengers with a large physique will be able to freely accommodate them. A lot of drawers, niches, places for fastening things are distributed around the cabin. Therefore, inside you can place almost all the luggage that you took with you on a long journey. Between the front seats there is a box inside which you can set the temperature in the refrigerator, or vice versa, heat food.

The dashboard and center console are designed in a minimalist style, but, nevertheless, they contain all the controls that the driver may require. The basic equipment of the Honda Pilot is respected. You do not have to additionally buy a stereo system, navigation equipment, upgrade the air conditioning system. All this and many other options are already installed in the basic equipment. The driver and passenger seats are equipped with heating, there is a sunroof on the roof.

On the Honda Pilot, the automaker is installing a 3.5 liter gasoline engine. The power unit is equipped with a Variable Cylinder Management system. Thanks to the operation of this system, engine cylinders that are not required at the current time are turned off and, as a result, the engine begins to consume less fuel. Engine power is 249 liters. with., paired with an automatic transmission. Honda Pilot is not demanding on fuel, it can be refueled with 92 gasoline, the average fuel consumption is just over 11 liters.


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