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How to buy a foreign car to regret it for a long time – Buying a car

How to buy a foreign car to regret it for a long time - Buying a car 1

How to buy a foreign car to regret it for a long time

Selection of a search object (theoretical)

First you need to interview all the friends and neighbors in the garage, view all the reviews and articles on the Internet, walk around the market, sit in different cars and listen to trills of their sellers. Since the result will be a complete mess in the head, it makes sense to carefully listen to the opinion of the wife and mother-in-law. Usually, after this, a certain enlightenment occurs in the head, which in medical circles is called an obsession. That is, you unconditionally accept one of the points of view. As a rule, from fatigue, the most unsuccessful. Usually, if you are sufficiently inclined to believe that heaven protects you from possible mistakes and deceptions, the choice will fall on the option that most combines external data, to the detriment of common sense. By this, you fully justify the calculations of certain analysts who think how to divert your attention from the main problems with minimal costs..

Selecting a search object (practical)

Next, the search for a specific car begins. To get the result stated in the title, it is very important to choose the option with the minimum odometer mileage, which must be confirmed by service books and appropriate stickers. It is highly advisable to carefully listen to the seller, who should tell you about who operated this vehicle and how. The most acceptable option is when a woman who was at least 80 years old and could not drive a car owned you before you. To get the most complete result, it is advisable to buy a car at a car dealership located in the most prestigious areas of Moscow, which has an excellent appearance, solid security and a sufficient number of respectable managers. Make sure that you are promised a guarantee from the salon for the car you are buying, but do not try to offend the salon employees by requiring written legal confirmation of these guarantees. It is enough that they will show you the grave of a certain manager who refused a guarantee to a modest guy from Solntsev. For the same reason, it does not make sense to offend them with mistrust, demanding to check the car in an independent service. A solid car dealership, in a pinch, will offer to check the car in its service. After all, it’s already clear that if in a week there are problems on the purchased car, then they will eliminate them or return the money without sound. Do not believe those who spread rumors that previously polite managers will send you away, and the guards will also promise to blow you in the face.

Checking the car before buying

There is a category of incredulous people who admit the possibility that they can be deceived and do not trust the words of sellers. In order not to spend money on checking the car in specialized services, it’s enough to invite an experienced garage neighbor who will be able to assess the condition of the body, engine and chassis without any tools. In fact, everything is not so complicated. In order to determine the condition of the body and make sure there are no signs of an accident, it is enough to look at the gaps in the doors and the same color and gloss of paint on all parts of the body. Naturally, the cars that were well looked after do not have scratches and chips, and the condition of the cabin suggests that they never sat in the car. Mats and pedals should not have scuffs, and rubber door seals should be fresh. The engine should not emit loud knocks, the oil on the dipstick should be completely transparent, and the handkerchief with which you wiped the inside of the exhaust pipe should remain white. Not bad yet to smell the exhaust. This completely replaces computer diagnostics and immediately allows an experienced person to determine the presence of errors in the control unit. Checking the chassis is the simplest thing. It is enough to shake the car, as it is immediately clear that in the absence of knocks, you will not be threatened with repairs in the near future. Do not believe those who advise to conduct a forensic examination of the car. It is enough to wipe with a cloth moistened with gasoline the numbers on the body and engine and make sure that all the numbers are read clearly enough and match what is written in the TCP. The TCP itself should not be filled with one hand, and the seal should be clear and clearly visible. The PTS form itself is desirable to look at the light to make sure that there are no traces of corrections. By these actions you will frighten the seller to such an extent that if he knows about the criminal past of the car, then immediately retreats with the car under any pretext, suspecting you of an employee of the authorities.

Custom car

Recently, the number of cars on the market is so great that you can afford some of the vagaries. So, if among the available offers there are no certain special options or trim levels that your soul asks for, it makes sense to turn to the offers of those who drive “any cars on order from the USA and Europe.” You should not be afraid that you will be required to pay in advance. It is so natural. People also want to sleep peacefully. To clear your conscience, you can even take a receipt from them, which can then be presented in any court, including Nuremberg. In order to reduce the cost and increase the acuteness of sensations in achieving the goal named in the title, you can make 100% prepayment. You should not be upset if after a while you are told that when unloading the car from the ferry, it was scratched a little and you should be patient for a maximum of 10-15 days, while acquaintances in Lithuania will carry out cosmetic painting of the scratch. Everything is natural at their expense. But then, what joy you will bring to your mother-in-law when, six months after receiving the car, you will be discharged from the intensive care unit of the cardiology center after the treatment of all heart injuries associated with this adventure.

All information is posted for educational purposes! We hope that the above will be useful to you in this exciting business – buying a car! Good luck to you dear comrades!


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