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How to choose a car according to the Zodiac sign – Buying a car

How to choose a car according to the Zodiac sign - Buying a car 1

How to choose a car according to the zodiac sign

How sometimes unlucky with the car! You sit in a traffic jam, get nervous, start to hate everyone who prevented you from slipping at a traffic light. Suddenly his back begins to ache, his head hurts, the music on the radio ceases to soothe and begins to annoy. Experience suggests that something is wrong here. But what? Perhaps we took the wrong car? And maybe there is a connection between our choice and the location of the stars? After all, it is known to which character what features are characteristic, even colors are known that can bring good luck to you, and therefore to your car. You can’t argue with the stars.

Of course, do not headlong to get rid of the usual car. But if you have a choice, when buying a new car, you should think about the color and equipment that is right for your sign.

so, Aries. It is known about him that he is stubborn, honest, ambitious, selfish, like all signs of Fire, and self-centered. Aries love speed, and even more they like to show that they are the fastest. A powerful, dynamic car is suitable for this sign. Aries love fame and try to do everything to attract the attention of others. Their favorite color is the color of Mars, red. Aries will feel great driving an expressive car. Mazda Rx8 or Audi TT, perhaps, can fully reveal its essence.

Taurus instinctively strive for stability and security. Their favorite colors are pastel light green. Of course, this color is not suitable for every car, but if we talk about safety and reliability, then it is worth paying attention to Volvo or Toyota. But for Taurus, not only external beauty is important, but also internal. Japanese and Swedes traditionally pay special attention to safety, and the colors of their cars exactly correspond to the addictions of this sign.

As for air Twins, they should approach this issue with extreme caution. Their car must be consistent with the changeable nature of the Twins: they like speed in itself, but they do not like to stand out from the crowd. The SUV, a small all-terrain vehicle like the Nissan X-trail or Land Rover Freelander, can easily do this. According to the stars, Gemini brings luck soft blue – the color of a clear sky. One more important parameter for Gemini is connected with a clear sky, which must be present in the car. We are talking about the carbon filter of the air conditioner, which will make the air clean. If an extraneous smell penetrates the interior, the trip will be a burden for them..

Crayfish – the sign of moody Water, cautious and timid, pays much attention to his loved ones. When choosing a car, it is better to prefer the most convenient option. Perhaps a family car is suitable here. If the family is large, you can choose the Opel Zafira or Honda FRV. If the family has only one child, then you can get by with the practical Volkswagen Passat Variant or Mazda 6 station wagon. There are no special problems with color. The crayfish are controlled by the moon, so it’s better to dwell on white, pale blue, green or silver, and these colors are present in the gamut of almost any manufacturer.

a lion – it is a royal toy of nature. Lions highly value luxury; they are attracted to beautiful packaging. The main thing for them is to attract attention, and if a car does it for them, they will be happy. Perhaps the most affordable will be the Mini or Mercedes-Benz A-class, but if the craving for beauty wants more, the choice can become truly royal. Well, it will cost accordingly. Lions should choose a golden, yellow or orange color..

Virgin usually very kind to their cars. The main thing for them is that their car, God forbid, be stolen or scratched. The permanent leader of hijacking statistics – Volkswagen Passat, perhaps, will not suit them. But Volkswagen Polo – please. In second place, Dev is comfort and practicality. If we recall our snowy winters, then the most pragmatic option would be an SUV. Mitsubishi Pajero or Land Rover Discovery 3. Colors conducive to this sign apply to both exterior color and interior colors. Virgo is better to choose between beige and blue.

Weights Venus controls, and they can devote more than one month to searching for a car, painstakingly choosing from the many options and functions exactly those that they need. This sign is used to doing everything very meticulously, weighing each step, and if it comes to buying a car, they certainly will not take the first one. A very important role for them is the harmony of proportions. Suitable color for this sign is dark green. The meticulous Libra wants to please all of these parameters not only for themselves, but also for their partner, so choosing a car for them is a very difficult task. Perhaps the preference is to give the Italian Fiat and Alfa-Romeo cars or the creations of all kinds of Italian car dealerships like Pininfarina or Bertone – the old school of design always follows the proportions.

Scorpions Mars also rules, but unlike Aries they like black or purple shades. They always know exactly what they need, and if it comes to the car, then they are one of those who, having come to the salon, knows exactly which car they will take. It is important for this sign to feel hidden power. In appearance, it seems to be the usual BMW ‘five’, but if you look closely, you can see the menacing inscription M5. This is just what Scorpions need – they try to look. Alternatively, you can choose the Mercedes Benz E-class 55 AMG. Any other car with a twist under the hood will do, too, the main thing is not to forget about another important aspect for Scorpions – safety.

Sagittarius – very freedom-loving sign. And the car should be large, spacious and slightly warlike. This is the Ford Expedition. Three tons of weight, a huge interior and a formidable appearance. An important thing for Sagittarius is, and they like to demonstrate their financial capabilities. However, it is not necessary to go to extremes, just select a car that seems larger inside. For example, Peugeot 307, Citroen C4 – because of the steeply tilted windshield, they seem very spacious. Favorite color – orange and yellow.

For Capricorn it is very important in choosing a car its status, but at the same time they value reliability and practicality. Saab and Volvo like to talk about status. Their S80 and 9-5 always look decent, and if the wallet does not allow you to jump so far, there are always simpler versions – S40 and 9-3. In the concept of the sign, these cars fit perfectly. Color is better to choose black, gray, purple (lilac) or brown.

Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus. This sign adores all kinds of techno-toys, gadgets, electronic displays and other silicone stuffing. It is reasonable for them to choose a richer package bundle, since in the future it is very difficult to retrofit a car with all these benefits. However, they will like additional baubles like hands-free for a mobile phone or radio with a TV. The main thing is that it should not be like the others. Such displays can boast a Lexus RX400h with a hybrid engine, or you should think about the Nissan Primera with a rear view camera. It is better to choose a shiny metallic unusual bright colors.

Fish – one of the most unpredictable characters. They are ruled by two planets at once – Jupiter and Neptune, which bring certain difficulties to the character. Fish move equally well in all directions and can be extremely successful if they do not indulge their laziness. They choose a car, relying on chance and their own subconscious. For them, it doesn’t matter which car they choose, the main thing is that he has a story. Oldtimers are very attracted to Pisces, and usually it’s not worth the price. As for the color, then everything revolves around a blue hue – it resembles the Pisces sea. Worth choosing from bluish green, bluish gray or blue green.


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