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How to choose a towbar – Car accessories

How to choose a towbar - Car accessories 1

How to choose a towbar

A tow bar is the common name for a towing device (towing device). Occasionally it is called a “hitch” or “hitch”. This device is designed to transport trailers, carts and wagons (caravans) attached to the “traction” car. This is usually required for transporting property, providing construction materials, on vacation trips.

The towbar design includes a coupling ball and a reciprocal coupling head. The ball is mounted on the rear bottom of the car. It is attached to a frame or body. The coupling head is mounted on the drawbar of the trailer. According to the standards, the diameter of the ball should be 50 millimeters. The maximum weight for a trailer towed on a towbar is 3,500 kilograms .

The following towing classes are available: A (load capacity 600–3500 kg), B (up to 1500 kg), C (up to 1500 kg), F (up to 2000 kg), H (up to 1500 kg), G (up to 2000 kg), N (up to 2000 kg). They differ in design and installation method..

How to choose a towbar? First, you need to consider the purpose of its use. In this regard, the maximum weight of the trailer that you intend to transport is important. Knowing it, you can determine the vertical load on the towbar and buy a suitable.

Frequency of driving with a trailer is also important. If you are going to constantly carry construction materials by car with a trailer, buy a towbar for high vertical loads. It will have higher fatigue strength. If you need a towbar for rare tourist trips with a van, you should make a choice in favor of less massive TSU.

Secondly, you need to take into account which car you have. Here, his class is damn important, because the hitch should correspond to the appearance of the car. On the “strong” cars – crossovers and SUVs – you can install a TSU with a high load capacity. Small-sized cars will not be able to transport large cargo for a long time.

Thirdly, you should consider the need for installing a towbar. Sometimes for this, make a hole in the rear bumper of the car. It all depends on the design of the car body.

Fourth, the TCU wiring diagram is important. Depending on what the trailer wiring diagram is, a tow bar is selected with round or rectangular contacts, seven or thirteen pins.

Among other things, we advise you to pay attention to the towbar material and its coating. High-quality towbars are protected from external influences and corrosion, they last longer.


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  1. Thanks for the tip about finding out the weight of the trailer I will be transporting in order to determine what kind of towbar I need for my vehicle. I want to go camping with my niece and nephew some time later this year after things settle down around my city. For now I should just check the trailer I will be using to prepare for that camping trip.

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