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How to coding VW Transporter with Vag-Com interface

I tried to program the functions I needed in the machine with the VAG-COM lanyard. Everything turned out very simply and quickly. I will show by example the inclusion of the function of automatic closing of doors when overclocking more than 15 km/h.
1. Turn on the ignition, I still started the engine just in case.
2. Connect the cable to the connector located under the steering column next to the hood opening lever.
3. Run the VCDS program. And we see the main screen

4. Select “Select” and enter the module selection section.

5. We need an electronics module, so choose item 09-Cent. Elect.

6. Choose item 10 – Adaptation

7. Select the line “Central Locking: Auto-Lock” from the drop-down list. Below appears a hint, deciphering the essence of this option. All is clear and without translation. To enable the automatic door locking option at the beginning of the movement, enter “1” in the New value field. Then click “Save” and exit. The cable used the simplest VAG-COM

More coding functionality you can find in Abrites VAG Commander.

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Carscanners team

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