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How to configure car mirrors – Driving a car

How to configure car mirrors - Driving a car 1

How to configure car mirrors

Many beginning motorists, having bought their first car, begin to understand how much they have to learn before just sit down and go about their business. An important problem is precisely the mirrors of your car. Many can say that this is not a problem at all and should not be given too much time. Just sat down, turned a little mirror and everything is in order. The most important thing is that it is convenient for the driver to look at him and he does not feel any discomfort. But if you will relate to such an important point this way, then you can significantly limit yourself in many things.

Having a fairly good overview of not only the road itself, but your entire car, you can sufficiently protect yourself from all sorts of troubles that very often lead to car accidents. Particular attention should be paid specifically to the rear view, which should be wide enough.

In addition, it is worth noting that many dexterous scammers quite often use the fact that you do not have rear-view mirrors, and specifically create such a situation on the road when an accident can occur. After that, you will have to pay a certain amount for the damage, and this is not a very pleasant moment.

Most drivers adjust side mirrors incorrectly, narrowing their rear view angle. As a result, dead zones appear, because of which drivers and passengers sometimes become dead. But to set up mirrors and bury these dead zones once and for all costs nothing, it is possible on almost any machine. All you need to do is follow four simple tips or rules, whatever you call it.

Driver’s side mirror

Sit behind the wheel and tilt your head to your left shoulder. In this position, adjust the left mirror so that you can barely see the edge of your car. When you return your head to an upright position, check that the horizon line is slightly below the middle of the mirror.

Everything is simple: you sit down exactly as you usually sit when you drive, and just position the mirror so that the rear window fits into it. In short, there are no tricks.

Passenger side mirror

Tilt your head to the right shoulder and do exactly the same with the right mirror as you did with the left.

Drive in the right lane of the multi-lane track. In the left mirror, watch how the car in the next row overtakes you. If everything is set up correctly, then at the moment when the car disappears in the mirror, it should appear in the zone of your peripheral vision. If the car has already disappeared from the mirror, but is not yet visible, it means that it is in the dead zone and you configured the mirror poorly.

The adjustment of the rearview mirror is quite important due to the fact that it is in this mirror that the driver will have to see the road that is located behind the car and on the side of it. That is why every driver should know how to properly configure such a mirror. If the adjustment is made correctly, then the adjusted mirror should completely coincide with the center of the rear window of your car.

In the side mirrors, the driver should see the sides of his own car. This is necessary in order to be able to understand what position the other road users occupy relative to his car. But it is worth considering that such a display of the situation on the road should not take more than 2 m. If the number is larger, then your viewing angle will be largely limited. Make sure the horizon line is slightly below the middle of your mirror.

You can also ask someone to walk around the car with slow steps, while a distance of 2 meters should be observed. You at this moment must accompany this person with a look in the mirror of your car. If during the execution of this process it occurs so that the reflection of a person first disappears in the side mirror and immediately appears in the mirror that is inside the cabin, then all the settings are made most accurately.

In the same way, you can determine the presence of “dead zones”. These zones are easy enough to find in precisely such places when you do not see a person walking around the car. But you should not think that sitting in one certain position, you should always see everything well. In order to slightly change the viewing angles, you can lean slightly towards the steering wheel, thereby you can catch the view that will be necessary. And it is worth remembering another important point – any adjustment of the mirrors should be performed only when your car is in place. Even if your mirror turned strongly in the wrong direction when moving, to set it up, be sure to first stop the car.


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