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How to connect a contact block to an opel omega b?

By admin

The question is not entirely clear. The contact group is connected according to the scheme. If you do not want to buy a book for money, you can download it on the Internet, everything is listed there point by point. You can look here for example

here are the diagrams attached:

How to connect a contact block to an opel omega b? 1

How to connect a contact block to an opel omega b? 2

The thickest black one – there is always a plus on it, although I’m not very sure of this, maybe the constant power comes not with a thick black, but with a red wire. Therefore, first you need to pick up any probe and find on the wires the one on which there is a plus. After that, set the red with black stripes aside and sequentially wind all the other wires to the plus one by one, remembering and checking what will change in the car’s power supply. There are two or three of them thick-black, on one there is always a plus, the second and third must be tied to it, while if you turn on the dimensions, the backlight of the tidy should work and the stove turns on. although it seems that the black is thinner – indicated in the diagram 302 just goes to the sidelight switch and, accordingly, the lighting. Wire number 292 – locked as 15a – stove.

In general, you twist all the black ones into a pile, and the thick red with black stripes – briefly press them against this twist.

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