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How to drive a car in the rain

How to drive a car in the rain 1

How to drive a car in the rain

For an inexperienced driver who has recently received a driver’s license, driving in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow will be a real challenge. Weather events greatly affect road safety. Of course, all drivers are advised not to drive in bad weather, but often in our modern life, it is almost impossible. Almost always you need to go either for work or for other important matters. In any case, the driver is affected by bad weather, such as heavy rain. For a beginner, such a situation may even cause some kind of panic, because before that he traveled only on dry asphalt. The main thing here is not to get confused, to be very careful, to go at a low speed in order to prevent accidents. In this article we will try to consider some tips that will help beginners to cope with driving in bad weather conditions..

• Tip one – try not to get too close to a car that is moving ahead of you. As a rule, its rear wheels splash out a large amount of water, which limits your visibility of the road.

• Tip two – if you are overtaken on the highway, turn on the fast wiper mode. It is also advisable to slow down, because a car that overtakes can spray you with water. Then a situation may arise that you can lose the visibility of the road for a few seconds, which will entail various troubles.

• The third tip – you saw a puddle in front of you, be sure to slow down. Since large splashes limit the visibility of the road, there may be holes in the puddle itself. If the puddle is still huge, then you can spoil the engine by filling it with water. After driving through the water, it is recommended to dry the brake pads in the following way: by pressing the brake pedal several times.

• Tip four – if a severe thunderstorm has caught you on the road, do not stop near the trees. It is better to choose an empty seat, but not so close to the track and be sure to turn on the alarm. These storm tips will protect you from many troubles..

• Tip Five – when driving during heavy rain, you should definitely have fog lights on.

• Tip six – in order to urgently slow down in front of the car ahead of you, you must choose the optimal vehicle speed. No need to do sharp and thoughtless maneuvers, acceleration and braking. It’s important to remember clearly that other drivers also see you poorly..

• The seventh council is the most important. Never overtake vehicles with heavy rain and poor visibility of the road..

Apply your knowledge and skills while driving. Listen to useful tips for your safety and other road users. Good luck on the road.


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