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How to give a second life to a factory set of car mats? Service and car care

How to give a second life to a factory set of car mats? Service and car care 1

How to give a second life to a factory set of car mats?

Many car owners will agree that not a single set of rugs will look as harmonious in the car as the original one, because it is selected in accordance with the interior of the car by professional designers. As a rule, factory products fit perfectly into the place intended for them, do not slip, hold moisture, dust and dirt well, protecting the underbody of the car from corrosion.

Of course, few drivers want to change such good accessories, but what if there are scuffs and damage?

Buy or repair – which is better?

As practice shows, the driver’s mat wears out most quickly, covered with cracks or through punctures. The remaining products, as a rule, are in good condition. Naturally, changing the entire factory kit due to one hole is very expensive, since it costs quite a bit when it comes to a good replacement. It is not recommended to take cheap options, it is unknown who made it, too. What to do to the driver?

Fortunately, today it is possible to extend the operational life of the factory set of car mats if you treat them carefully and repair them in a timely manner. Yes, it’s the restoration by the hands of a skilled craftsman that will allow you to use the products for more than one year, as many car owners have already been able to verify.

It turns out that it is much more profitable to repair mats than to buy new ones. This way you can save money, keep a harmonious look of the car’s interior and forget about the hassle of finding a suitable kit.

What factors affect the cost of repairing car mats?

People ordering rug repairs are often interested in how much the restoration will cost them. Usually, the masters, answering this question, list several factors affecting the cost of the service:

  • the complexity of the procedure, which depends on the amount and nature of the damage;
  • a variety of rugs (rubber, polyurethane, textile);
  • repair methods;
  • number of items;
  • urgency of order.

Repair costs drivers much cheaper than buying a new kit. If the work is performed by an experienced craftsman, the restoration sites will be inconspicuous, which is also very important.

Where can I repair car mats?

If we talk about repairs at a professional level, drivers can count on this only when contacting a specialized workshop. It is there that qualified specialists work who have all the necessary supplies and tools. In addition, the restoration of some damage requires special technologies..

For example, to repair a rubber car mats, specialists use the vulcanization method. Moreover, they must strictly follow all stages of the procedure to achieve the desired result. Naturally, this takes time, specific materials and professional skills. Do ordinary car owners have all this? Unlikely. Therefore, it is better to trust the restoration of car mats to specialists of a good workshop, rather than trying to do this work yourself or at your own risk and give the product to handicraftsmen.

What a good workshop she is?

The workshop of the workshop is different, and you can entrust your car mats in the wrong hands, if you neglect the choice. Experienced motorists and professional restorers recommend paying attention to several features that characterize the company better than any words:

  • 1. Excellent service. Today, one can often observe a direct correlation between the attitude towards the client and the fulfillment of the order. If you are greeted cordially and attentively to the problem, you can count on the fact that the repair will be carried out with dignity.
  • 2. Consultation. Before picking up the rug, a good master is sure to inform the client about the possibilities of repair. After all, damage cannot always be completely eliminated..
  • 3. The availability of necessary materials and tools. In a professional workshop you don’t need to carry consumables and spend your time looking for them.
  • 4. Fulfillment of the order on time. If emergency situations occur, the workshop will certainly notify the client about this, and will not pour empty promises.


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