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How to light a battery in a car – Tips for a car repair

How to light a battery in a car - Tips for a car repair 1

How to ‘light’ a battery in a car

How long can a car battery last? No motorist will definitely answer this question. Practice and experience indicate that the service life is different and sometimes does not lend itself to logical explanations. Many batteries will last for several years, without requiring close attention. Others barely reach half the term specified in the instruction manual. However, if you trace the conditions in which the battery worked, you can see the logic of its lifespan.

As a rule, a quick battery failure is due to two facts. This is a factory defect and its abnormal operation.

The key to durability is proper operation, the conditions of which can be read in the instructions. Mostly the manufacturer insists on close monitoring of the battery. The control system includes checks of components and devices that affect the operation of the battery in order to extend the life of the battery. “Cork” batteries – to the level of electrolyte density. Checking voltage at the poles. Generator charging voltage control (undercharging and recharging).

Whatever the battery failure is not a surprise, he needs timely diagnostics. On some modern batteries there is an inscription “UNMANTABLE”. But actually it is not. Such slogans are misconceptions..

The technique of “lighting”

The situation when the “tired” battery refuses to twist the starter is familiar to many. This happens because of the discharge of the battery, or because of its internal defect. A similar defect can be called an open circuit inside the battery. Correction method: try to charge or replace the battery. But what to do when there is neither one nor the other possibility, and there is a need to get to the parking place. The battery of another car comes to the rescue. In automotive slang, this method is called “lighting” and it is familiar to many. However, not everyone knows how to use it correctly, with the least harm to the battery..

First, we disconnect the pole wire from the faulty battery. We connect the wire with which we will “light” on one side to a working battery, the other end we attach to the starter wires of a faulty car. Why is this necessary? In this case, a faulty battery will not take energy from a working battery. Bottom line – we will protect a working battery from discharge, and it, in turn, will help to start a vehicle. If you do not remove the tip, then the second battery will be discharged with high current. The result is two dead batteries.

The opinion that a similar situation can be avoided with the help of a running engine during “lighting” is erroneous. The normal battery is charged by the generator. The voltage of the generator at this moment is equal to the voltage issued by the voltage regulator. The discharge on the starter of the “cigarette” machine will drop sharply. This will depend on how much current the starter will consume, the crankshaft scrolling time..

In turn, lowering the voltage on a working battery can lead to an increase in the charging current. And this leads to increased generator operation, which negatively affects the fuses of the charging circuit, which can simply blow out. To avoid the latter, there are simple recommendations. Start the car before “lighting” and let it run for 5-10 minutes.


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