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How to properly take a car from repair – Tips for car repair

How to properly take a car from repair - Tips for car repair 1

How to take a car out of repair

Is it time to pick up the car from repair? You can’t wait any longer, you are tired of doing without it, and therefore you are ready to quickly sign the papers and finally get behind the wheel. So, quickly do not. Let me remind you that you handed over the repair (consider it to strangers), the most expensive property after the apartment. Therefore, take it responsibly. Plan enough time to get a car and pre-plan a backup option in case you can’t give the car for one reason or another today. So you do not drive yourself into time trouble and during the acceptance of the machine you will make calm, informed decisions, knowing that it was very far from your fifth point.

When accepting the car, firstly, do not sign anything until you are sure that the car is returned to you without additional damage and complete. I do not want to say that all servicemen are crooks, this is far from the case, but everything happens.

Secondly, make sure that the spare parts included in the order are replaced. You should be shown not only the old spare parts lying in the trunk that have been replaced with new ones (after all, these may not be spare parts from your car), but also the new ones installed on your car. In the vast majority of cases, they are visible during an external inspection, if necessary, ask to lift the car on a lift.

Thirdly, make sure that as a result of the repair, the malfunctions that you requested to be resolved are indeed resolved. If this requires a test drive, ask the service employee to drive with you and make sure that everything really works as it should.

And only if everything suits you, carefully study the bills and other documents, only then sign and go pay money.

Most importantly: Feel free to ask direct “stupid” questions. If something bothers you, find out on the spot. As an example, I’ll tell you a story that happened to a friend. At one time, we published it in one of the media, but it deserves to be repeated. The hero of the story is a lawyer, corrosive like acid. As he jokingly says about himself: “Many consider me a bore, but I only demand what is supposed to be.” So, he arrived somehow to pick up his inexpensive foreign car after the planned maintenance. I carefully studied all the documents, asked to show the replaced parts and asked a “naive” question: “Where is 600 grams of gear oil? Here in the list of consumables it is indicated that I have to pay 4 liters of oil, and according to the service booklet, only 3.4 liters are poured into the transmission. I understand that you have a liter container, but it should be in the trunk and it should have 0.6 liters, for which you are proposing to pay me. ” The master looked down at this “wise guy” and said that the client does not really understand car repair, and, they say, he does not even imagine how bad it would be if they did everything according to the instructions. The client said, does this mean that all four liters were poured into the box of his car? Naturally, the master answered, it’s strange that you had to explain it for so long! Then, the client asked, you write to me in the order, that you poured all four liters there, is this really true? Of course, the master answered. And wrote. A fool, of course, but at that moment he didn’t think so. The client politely asked for a complaint book, where he described everything that had happened, put a number and a signature. As he explained, so that later they couldn’t say on the service that for the first time they saw this person. And calmly left.

But “boring” continued. I sent a request to the manufacturer (in our case, to the representative office of a reputable automobile company, whose car got off the conveyor), where he asked me to tell what the filling capacity of the transmission was in his car (model, engine, gearbox type, VIN number). Waited for an official response, where 3.4 liters were indicated. After that, he prepared a written complaint addressed to the head of the dealership, where he described that according to the documents he had (a work order with a master record of four liters and an official response from the car manufacturer), the dealership staff violated the technology of the work during the planned maintenance of his car (they poured more oil than necessary in the gearbox). A violation of technology can lead to a decrease in resource and even the failure of an expensive node (it is written in the service book). And since he has written evidence of the guilt of the dealership staff, he will go to court with a request to replace the improperly serviced unit with a new one.

As he himself, smiling, told, he managed to resolve the dispute in pre-trial order. Translated from legal into Russian, this meant the following MOT for free. Just for 600 grams of oil! Therefore, when you get the car out of repair, do not be afraid to be considered a bore, demand what is supposed to be. You look, and the bonus can come out.


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