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How to protect a car in the heat? Service and car care

How to protect a car in the heat? Service and car care 1

How to protect a car in the heat?

Although in Russia a large part of the territory is the North and the heat is not frequent here, we still have southern regions, and weather anomalies are increasingly manifesting in the northern ones. So, what is heat and what damage can it bring, many of us know firsthand. In the heat, not only people, animals and plants suffer. It is hard for our “iron friends” – cars. Therefore, if the street is hot, and you have a car, you are faced with the task of protecting it.

Due to the vastness of our northern territories, we first examined the driver’s health in winter and the operation of the car in winter, and only then went on to consider protecting the car in the heat. In principle, cars are just like people. If the car is in good condition, then there is no heat for it. And if the car is already several years old, then it is better to go to a car service and see everything that is responsible for heating and cooling (antifreeze, fan, pump, radiator, thermostat). If there is no money and the desire to spend money on a car service, then check everything you can yourself and be attentive and sensitive to your car.

So, if you notice that during movement the arrow of the thermometer enters the red zone, then, oddly enough, you need to turn off the air conditioner. In any case, even if there is no air conditioning, the machine needs to give time to cool down and rest. Find a cool, shaded place and park there. I think it would be superfluous to recall that the engine needs to be turned off?

The red zone on the temperature gauge is a clear warning of danger. If you do not have time to park in a cool, sheltered from the sun, the engine can boil at any moment. If this happens, just stop the car on the side of the road and turn off the engine. Probably seen in a movie that the cars from overheating soars from under the hood? You may have the same or even worse. For example, fluid may pour from the engine compartment to the road. Do not panic! It spills out antifreeze. Wait until the machine cools down and just add new antifreeze or plain water and you can move on.

Do not turn on either the stove or the air conditioner! And after the incident, drop into the car service. It is better to invest right away than to wait for the car to break down at the most inopportune time, somewhere on a busy road or, conversely, on a country road.

It may happen that the machine does not start after cooling and adding antifreeze to the radiator. Most likely, this is because the cylinder block has broken. Here, repairs will be expensive. And before the car service you go by tow truck.

Hence the conclusion – do not drive the car to the limit in the heat. Otherwise, not only will your antifreeze boil away, but brake discs and pads may overheat. Staying at speed without brakes, what could be worse? By the way, in the heat, not only discs and pads on the brakes can overheat, but also brake water itself can boil. And if the hard material of brake discs and pads suffers in the heat, then also think about tires. They deform very quickly! In addition, the asphalt itself can also throw up various surprises. So, after repair, an oil film appears on the surface of the asphalt, riding on which is as dangerous as riding on ice.

If you need to stop and leave your car, then find a good shadow. And it often happens that the driver did not find a big shadow and parked the car so that the shadow covered only the hood. Assuming that the engine is protected from heat, it leaves the car for a long time, and when it returns, the shadows and the trace are cold, and the engine is heated to maximum. This happens because the shadow does not stand still, but moves, responding to the movement of the sun, clockwise. Knowing this, count everything in advance. And if you are not sure that you can find the shadow, then buy a reflective screen and carry it with you. And if you have to leave the car on fire, then at least you can put the screen and cover it with the dashboard. And on the side windows you need to buy curtains on the suction cups. If the screen and the curtains on the side windows were not taken in advance, then, albeit badly, newspapers or light towels, shirts, t-shirts will do.

When leaving for a long time, do not leave lighters, deodorants, air fresheners, gas cylinders and other containers containing flammable liquids under pressure in the passenger compartment. Heating the cabin above 50 degrees Celsius will cause them to explode and catch fire. Thus, because of the lighter at the price of 5 rubles, a very expensive car can burn.

Remember not only about the car, but also about your passengers. Even for 10 minutes, do not leave children, elderly or sick people, dogs or any other pets in a closed car. Both people and animals will feel bad with their hearts if you do not return on time. Even if you open the windows of the car, the cabin will still be very hot! Take care of your loved ones.

Returning to the car, first ventilate the interior for a couple of minutes, lowering all the windows. Then raise the windows and turn on the air conditioner at full power. After cooling the interior, set the air conditioner to minimum and keep the temperature no higher than 24 degrees. The air flow from the air conditioner should not go at you, but up, cooling the cabin.

These simple tips will help your car, as well as you and your passengers, quite easily transfer the heat..


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