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How to remove the tint yourself – Tuning

How to remove the tint yourself - Tuning 1

How to remove tint yourself

On July 1, 2012, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation come into force. For driving a vehicle whose front windows are tinted or covered with colored transparent films with inappropriate light transmission standards, an administrative fine of 500 rubles will be imposed, accompanied by the removal of the license plate (Administrative Code, article 12.5 part 3.1). In this article we will tell you how to remove tint..

In general, the easiest and fastest way to remove tinting from car windows is to call in a specialized service center. But you will be charged thousands of rubles for this, and if you don’t want to spend money on it, you can try to remove the tint yourself.

How to remove tinting yourself.

First, the glass from which you plan to remove the film, it is advisable to warm up. In this case, the glue will become softer, and tinting will be much easier to separate from the glass. For warming, you can use a regular hair dryer. Without bringing it too close to the surface, to avoid overheating, evenly heat the glass before removing the tint yourself. Avoid heating plastic trim parts.

Then you should lower the window to about half, if it comes to the side windows of the car. So it will be much easier to separate the upper edge of the film from the surface of the glass. It is better to separate the edge of the tint with a sharp knife.

Further, there are two ways to remove the tinted glass of a car. The first involves the removal of the tint film in one sharp movement. To do this, hold the upper edge of the film with both hands and pull it down with force. Following the second method, tinting is removed gradually. With one hand you need to slowly pull the film towards yourself, and with the other, carefully separate the glue from the glass with a sharp thin knife or blade.

But in the first and second cases, traces of glue will most likely remain on the glass. So before you remove the tint yourself, prepare everything you need in order to then completely clean the glass from traces of glue.

How to remove glue from tinting

A sharp clerical knife can help you with this, with which you can scrape off the remaining glue from the glasses. But after the knife on the glass there may be scratches, so it is better to use special solvents designed to clean the glass after tinting. They can be purchased at any car shop. For the same purpose, undiluted medical alcohol is suitable..

Remains of glue that will certainly remain on the glass can be removed with a special glass cleaner after tinting. Go to any car shop – there should be a large selection of such tools.
Instead of a cleaning agent, you can use Mr. Muscle, diluted medical alcohol, or try removing it with plain soapy water at room temperature.
In service centers, after removing the tint, the glasses are washed with Fairy’s solution (dishwashing detergent). Put the solution on the glass and remove the remaining adhesive with a rag or napkins.


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