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How to repair BMW CAS module (immo box) after unseccesful programming – small note

Ok guys – you tried program keys to BMW or tried reprogram cas firmware and was something wrong… Now car is died, you can’t find CAS by diagnostic and another problems.
Don’t worry! You not need buy new CAS module… All easy!

It depends on how unsuccessful was the programming. If the flash was
erased and new firmware was not completely programmed then you have to
repeat the programming – you can’t just manually change a few bytes.

I suppose you are asking for the case where the CAS enters bootloader
but fails to erase its flash. Nothing is modified but due to defective
bootloader it can’t be programmed nor returned back to normal. In such
case the address in the dump is 0xF90 -> 3 bytes. Change to BF 00 00 for
normal mode. When it is in bootloader it will be something like 00 AA 55
(I don’t remember the exact pattern – but if you real master – you’ll find).

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