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How to save on car operation in 2020 – Car maintenance

How to save on car operation in 2020 - Car maintenance 1

How to save on car operation in 2020

2020 can hit the pocket of motorists due to the entry into force of various legislative and tax innovations, one of which is to increase the utilization fee for cars. Experts say that in retail cars can rise in price by about 4-6%, primarily non-localized foreign cars.

This means that, despite the fact that the operation, maintenance and repair of the vehicle was rightfully considered one of the main items of expenditure, now the purchase of a car and its maintenance cost the Russians even more. To optimize your spending a bit, we’ve prepared a series of tips to optimize your budget..

Follow traffic rules

Of course, first of all, compliance with traffic rules is the key to your safety on the road. But also, strangely enough, accurate driving will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses, because a sharp “ragged” style and driving at high speed significantly increase gasoline consumption, and, therefore, do not save your money. In addition, you reduce the likelihood of fines, accidents and repairs to your car.

Get a gas station loyalty card

Another way to save money is to get a refueling loyalty card, where you often drop by. Many gas stations give bonuses, provide discounts, hold promotions for regular customers. Therefore, select for yourself the same gas station that is conveniently located on the way to home or work, and when you next pay for fuel at the checkout, ask for a loyalty card for this gas station. The main thing is not to forget it on subsequent visits to the gas station. An alternative would be a proprietary mobile application or an electronic wallet where cards are stored electronically.

Stop in traffic jams less

Traffic jams are another enemy of saving time and fuel, so plan your route in advance. On the eve, navigate to your destination in the navigator (at about the same time as the trip will be made), following the places of automobile congestion and detour options. Or use the pre-planning function of the route at a given time – in this case, the algorithm will calculate the route and travel time based on average values. If you still get stuck in traffic, try to find a different route, and even if it goes a little longer in terms of mileage than through a traffic jam, fuel consumption can be more economical.

Do not carry unnecessary things in the car

Also, do not forget about the order in a personal car, because the fewer things in the cabin and trunk, the less the weight of the car, and, consequently, the fuel consumption is reduced. Therefore, make sure that the skates after going to the ice rink at the weekend or a fitness bag for years do not wait in the wings in the back seat or in the trunk. Do not forget to clean the car also in winter – especially the hood and roof, where the most snow accumulates. Many drivers do not want to spend time on this, hoping that on the road the snowdrifts will melt or fly off on their own. But they do not think that in doing so they not only increase the weight of their car and, consequently, fuel consumption, but also create emergency situations for other motorists, impairing their visibility. Therefore, we advise you to learn how to ride light!

Do not save on the most important

Some drivers also advise saving on spare parts for repairs: in advance, find out in the service center what parts are required and come “with your own”. However, fakes are often found on the parts market, sometimes only a specialist can distinguish them. Therefore, it is worth resorting to such savings only if you are confident in your own experience and the reliability of the seller. Remember: only genuine spare parts can guarantee sufficient reliability and safe operation. Sometimes it’s more convenient to use your favorite dealership, but you can still call others who often carry out interesting promotions for a number of services. Thus, you can save on this, while buying parts from an authorized dealer.

But you can’t save on anything in any case:

  • The first is technical fluids and oils. Yes, this expense item at first seems quite expensive, but it’s important to understand that the performance and durability of your car’s engine depend on these components. Remember that it is also important to buy lubricants at trusted locations. For example, Castrol branded engine oils are sold in authorized services that can be found on the Castrol Car Service website. There you can purchase a proven licensed product. Also, lubricants can be ordered in official online stores, thereby you will be confident in the manufacturer and you can familiarize yourself with the specifications of each product without rushing.
  • The second thing you can’t save on is brake pads, because this is the most significant part of the brake system. Being unsure of the quality of the brakes is not a pleasant condition. Therefore, if you replace the pads using original parts, you can avoid a number of significant problems, including the creaking of the pads, which is so annoying for the driver and others.
  • Third – repair of complex components and assemblies. For such processes, it is best to always contact trusted professionals and services, because otherwise, subsequent repairs can be much more expensive. And this is not like saving your money.

Compliance with these recommendations will allow you to reduce the total cost of car maintenance. But remember that you can’t save on everything, because the car, first of all, ensures your safety and the safety of your loved ones.


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