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How to sell a car more expensive? Car sale

How to sell a car more expensive? Car sale 1

How to sell a car more expensive?

Specialists of the AAA AUTO group of companies, the largest dealer of used cars in Eastern Europe, talked about how to increase the pre-sale value of a car.

Here are some suggestions:
1. Service book. Keep a record of all technical and repair work in the car. A completed service book will save time and money on vehicle diagnostics. In addition, a complete and transparent service history increases confidence in the seller and increases the chance of a successful car sale at your price..

2. Car after an accident. If your car has been in an accident, do not try to hide it and do not save on repairs. Any specialist will still detect a fraud, and upon redemption you will immediately lose confidence. Different shades and thickness of paint on individual parts of the body or uneven welding seams can tell about poor-quality repairs.

3. Vehicle malfunctions. Any malfunctions of the car, as a rule, reduce its cost by an amount that is more than the cost of fixing the breakdown. Most often we are talking about a non-working air conditioner, heating, cracks in the windshield, various components of electronic equipment, damage to the body or interior. Having repaired the car before sale, you can significantly win in money.

4. Custom car changes: It’s much harder to find a buyer for cars with atypical colors, various “decorations” or additional non-standard equipment (for example, a full trunk of sound equipment). If possible, it is better to remove any additional accessories from the machine before the “show”: stickers, films, etc..

5. Dry Cleaning Savings: Additional odors in the car interior, dirt and scratches on the skin of the passenger compartment can significantly spoil the impression of the car. Do not spare money for high-quality dry cleaning, as any buyer will first of all appreciate the external characteristics of the body and interior.

We recommend that everyone who wants to sell their car do not spare money for the required repairs. If a car is offered for sale in a fully operational state and with full documentation, this increases its market value”, Adds Karolina Topolova, CEO of AAA AUTO.

Contact Information:

AAA AUTO Press Office in Russia
Elena Kalyanova
AGT Communication Agency
Tel .: +7 (965) 348-98-34

Information about the company:

AAA AUTO Group operates in the 22-year-old car market. It operates 33 branches in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, the Russian Federation and Hungary. The group sold 56 648 cars in 2013, 38 297 of them were sold in the Czech Republic, 15 896 cars – in Slovakia, 2 455 in Russia. In the fall of 2013, according to the Ogilvy & Mather study, AAA AUTO was among the top ten brands created after November 1989.


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