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Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 1

How to tune Mercedes-Benz C-Classe w204

Wandering through the Internet in particular, sometimes ran into small and small-sized articles with secrets for the W204 … Some people mentioned at once several of the most popular and many famous …, someone shares only one “secret”! ) To me all this disagreement is orderly tired … and I decided to make my own one full list of ALL secret materials of 204th! )
So I bring to your attention a list of hidden functions and not very listed in the sequence: from the most simple / necessary / everyday … to more serious … Where without knowledge of the matter – it is better not to pry! )))

1. Wipers BUTTON on the end of the “top” lever, which is responsible only for the wipers are not quite easy! More precisely, it is quite simple, but what functional is buried in it! ))) It supports a certain number of modes of pressing. In general, so much that I have not yet calculated! ))) Accordingly, the degree of depression activates its algorithm of wipers. In the chronological order from small to strong impact on HER:
1 — Easy pressing: one wipe of the wipers, no screen wash
2 — Average depression: one wipe of the wipers + a small amount of screen wash
2.1 — Average depression: two strokes of the wipers + a small amount of screen wash
3 — Strong pressing: three or more strokes of the wipers + a lot of screen wash …
3.1 – Strong pressing (continuous, and sometimes even sharp): three or more strokes of the janitors + a lot of screens wash … + headlight washers activated! But often the last — and three hundred years was not necessary! )))
Personally, I’ve been trying to get used to this press button for 1.5 years and with a variable success and to find out those modes … It’s especially difficult to still get into the “Average ” click. Because It’s hardest to catch him between “Light” and “Strong”. But the further, the closer I get to knowing … this being! )))
4 — Also, if the wipers are in constant cleaning mode at medium speed, then pressing the lever lightly switches them on for 9 quick cleaning cycles. This is convenient, when in inclement weather all frontal is tightly covered by a dirty wave from a passing car and other similar suddenness! )

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 2

2. Triple blinking direction indicator lamp
If it is easy to press the direction indicator lamp, depending on which direction you want to turn and show to the other participants of the movement … then the direction indicator lamp “snorts” just 3 times in the direction you need. And no “return” of the lever by the Steering wheel or Hand …, since he did not “click”!
Also, if you easily press the direction indicator lamp and keep it in this “easy” position …, the direction indicator lamp will blink as many times as you keep it …
In general, you just need to fix it … and everything will turn out!
P.S. I did not know … until I was prompted! ) Now I use it all. Great chip!

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 3

3. HOLD function Keeps the car in place without having to press the brake pedal! By depressing the accelerator pedal, when deactivated, the car is released from the brake, and the “HOLD” function is turned off. The “HOLD” function can be enabled provided that the following conditions are met: — the car costs — the motor is running, or switched off by the “ECO” function — the driver’s door is closed or you are wearing a seat belt — with the parking brake released — the bonnet is closed — in vehicles with automatic transmission, the gearbox is in the “D”, “R” or “N” — “Dystonic PLUS” system is switched off Enabling the HOLD function: If all the above conditions are met: Press firmly on the brake pedal until “HOLD” appears on the multifunction display on the bottom. Once appeared, you can safely release the brake pedal! Even if the ICE is wound up, the APK in the “D” mode and up to the bumper of the car ahead of it only a couple of dozen free centimeters))) Bold! Turn to the technologies of Mercedes-Benz! ))) Many people do not know about this … many people find out about this wonderful “option” after a long time (I, for example, a year later!) But in the instructions about her everything is written and painted … But we do not read the instructions)) But in vain! In general, very useful and good function! Especially when standing at a traffic light or in a traffic jam have 30 seconds and more. The leg rest, and you rest in general.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 4

4. Auto-lock with button If you press the “closed lock” on the door before the signal (for about 4-5 seconds), then auto-locking is activated. If you press the “open lock” for a long time, the auto-lock is deactivated. Also, on / off auto-lock can be activated elementary through the settings on the screen of the on-board computer.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 5

5. If the button “close the car”  ->; take the case with $))  ->; close the boot lid when the luggage compartment is open, the machine will automatically be on the alarm after closing the lid. Accordingly, no longer need to “close the car.” This is convenient if the hands are occupied, such as bags with the same $)) Therefore, the key can be immediately removed into your pocket … and enjoy a heavy burden! )) Similarly, if you only open the boot with the key, without removing the alarm and then close it — the car was closed as it was, and it will remain! In addition, or press the key again, the “close machine” button is not necessary!

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 6

6. Separate opening of doors … or the so-called function — “Individual Manager”! The chip is very useful to those who almost always goes by car … and carries a briefcase with a large sum of $ in the back seat! )) In general, regardless of whether there is anything valuable on the seats of your car, there is not anything to happen to you with unforeseen embarrassment in the face of all sorts of thieves and other evil spirits … and there is this wonderful & necessary function. At one push of the opening button, the driver’s door is opened first, and when you press again, all the others are opened. Many people do not know about this “option” at all, some assume that its inclusion produces only OD and for some additional sum of $ … But this is done elementary: independently, after spending 10 seconds. and completely free! To activate it, the procedure is as follows: Take the key and bring it to the IR receiver on the handle of the driver’s door (keep somewhere in the centimeter from it). Clamp the “closing button” and “open button” simultaneously and wait for ten seconds. On the key, the red indicator flashes twice, the doors close and open again. Done! The separate door opening is activated.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 7

7. Opening all windows at the same time as the key To the closed machine to bring the key directly to the IR receiver on the driver’s door handle, press and hold for more than 3 sec. The opening button — all side windows and the sliding upper hatch / panoramic sliding roof panel will open. The process of opening everything (with electric drives) will continue as long as you press the button and do not remove the key from the handle … until the entire “glass” is opened. If you re-do all the simple opening gambits with the key and only the close button — everything will close!

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 8

8. Battery replacement in the “Fish” Key I will not become more intelligent and describe myself … Better provide a good cognitive video, in which everything is perfectly and simply shown:

9. Comfortable closing / opening of windows through “Thermal” If you press the “air recirculation” button and keep it pressed — all side windows and the sliding upper hatch / panoramic sliding roof panel will close. The indicator lamp on the button lights up. The air recirculation mode is activated. If you repeatedly press the “air recirculation” button for a long time, all the “glass” on the electrolight will open. The indicator on the button goes out. The air recirculation mode is turned off.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 9

10. Adapting / Calibrating Window Regulators At not absolutely correct work window regulator …, probably by means of calibration to try to restore their normal work. This is done: Turn the ignition key to the “2” position (the control devices are lit)->; press the window lift button and completely lower the glass->; hold the button for 5 seconds and release->; then pull the button on yourself, thereby raising the glass completely and holding the button again 5 sec. One window regulator is calibrated! If desired and necessary — do this procedure with all the windows (windows).

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 10

11. Entire track name If, while listening to a song, its name does not fit entirely on the screen of Audio 20 or Command — press “#” and get a window with the full name …, to what extent it allows the screen of the device and the number of lines allocated for this. To remove the called window (full name), you need to press the “#” or “CLEAR” button again. Or if you do not press anything … after 5-6 seconds this window itself is gone.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 11

12. Track number If you know the file number in the folder (track on USB / CD) while listening to music, press “*” and in the window that appears, enter this number. If you change your mind (or forget) …, press the “DISC” button and the input window will be canceled.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 12

13. Side of the gas station For constantly forgetting, from which side they have the fuel filler neck, or for blondes, regardless of the floor: on the instrument panel on the “yellow” icon with the column there is an arrow that shows exactly where that “fuel door”! )) But everything in the same instruction about this “arrow” is certainly written and mentioned! But we, after all, do not read the instructions again …))) For such … unreaders, gentlemen have made a good arrow right in front of us. You just need to see it! ))

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 13

14. Service menu Activated by: on an unincorporated machine, turn the key to the “1” position, set the “picture” with the mileage on the on-board computer, press the “up-hook” button and then immediately “OK” button, hold the seconds. 5. The buttons should be used with those on the handlebars. The menu appears on the on-board computer screen. From useful there it is possible: — most pass (zero) — to find out more accurately how many before the maintenance is left (in days and kilometres) — in real time to obtain data on the voltage in the on-board network and the current consumed — get the VIN, type and engine number + a bunch of information about the option codes set in the machine

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 14

15. The engineering menu Activated by pressing the keys: “Hang up” + “#” + “1” and displayed on the monitor Audio 20 or Command.

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car. 15

16. The region change counter If you changed the DVD region via the service menu, you noticed that the counter of the remaining shifts of the region is reduced (there may be 5 in all). You can reset the counter and return it to 5. To do this, when you are in the appropriate place of the “Service menu”, click and hold the “hang up” button + “#” + “*”

17. Resetting the A / T adaptation Because boxes in our Mercedes-Benzes 190 stand for a long time self-learning (adapted), there is supposedly a way to dump the knowledge accumulated by it and start learning again! This possibility is undoubtedly useful if the car is used by several people with different driving styles. This is done in the following way: We sit in the car, turn the key to the “1” position, press the gas to the floor, until the kickdown button is activated and hold for 5 seconds, without releasing the pedal, turn the key to the “0” (all off) and then release the pedal.
After completing the procedure, we smoke for 2-3 minutes to complete the reset procedure.
But most likely it is NOT as simple as it is written, and it is quite possible that it is NOT safe!

There is an opinion that the method described in this paragraph above is just a dump of adaptations of the throttle valve! And nothing more.

Because completely zero the automatic transmission without the help of Vediamo with seed key generator or STAR-diagnostics or removing the battery for a long time is not possible! And in order to “reset” the throttle is simple: turn the ignition to the second position for more than one minute! In doing so, you can open the bonnet and hear a buzz first and then click. In this case, the throttle body is in the zero position.

Therefore, for all possible manipulations with your box, you are solely responsible!!!

Sincerely yours,
Carscanners Team

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