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How to use plastic fenders when soundproofing a car?

How to use plastic fenders when soundproofing a car? 1

How to use plastic fenders when soundproofing a car?

How to use plastic fenders when soundproofing a car? 2

Most of the noise that can be heard while inside the car is the noise resulting from the contact of the wheels of the vehicle with the roadway, only it is exacerbated by the impact of individual stones on the arches of the car. Quite often, auto mechanics start the process of noise isolation with wheel arches. In this article, we will talk about how to independently make noise isolation without resorting to car service.

To reduce the noise level in the passenger compartment of the car, it is necessary to carry out a whole range of different activities, this list also includes noise insulation of the surfaces of the wheel arches. To do this, you should use special noise-protective anticorrosion mastics, which should be applied to the internal parts of the arches, only before that the surface is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust, and also degreased with a nitro solvent.

Starting to perform all work related to sound insulation, it is necessary to close the wheel hub, thus protecting it from the ingress of detergents, adhesives and coatings. In order to clean the arches, you can use a sponge and any detergent, although it is certainly preferable to wash using a high-pressure apparatus. Anticorrosive soundproofing mastic is applied with a brush in layers, after which it is rolled with a roller and can be dried. Special anti-corrosion protective agents in the form of aerosols, for example Movil and Tektil, are sold on the market, they are very convenient to use for processing hidden and inaccessible body cavities. Masters argue that the most optimal thickness of the protection layer is a layer of 2-3 mm, because if you make the coating thinner, it will collapse too quickly under the influence of small stones and sandblast, well, if you make it on the contrary thicker, then under the influence of vibration it will begin to exfoliate and crack.

Before applying noise reducing and anti-corrosion compounds to the surface of wheel arches, it is necessary to dismantle the plastic fenders, they can also be insulated by gluing them on the inner and outer sides of insulating sheet materials with subsequent processing with BMP-1 mastic with anti-noise effect. It is usually not difficult to remove the wing flaps from the car, for this you only need to unscrew the bolts in the attachment points using a curly screwdriver. Sometimes pistons can be used to fix the wing flaps, in which case you will have to buy a few spare ones before dismantling, given that when removing them they tend to break frequently, after which they can no longer be used. After the plastic fenders are removed, you will have to carefully check the surface of the arches for rust. If there is rust, it will have to be removed with sandpaper, treated well with a rust converter and primed..

There is another option for soundproofing wheel arches, it can be done without buying additional consumables. In the process of this work, special strips will have to be glued on the inside of the plastic fenders, you can cut these strips from used pile car mats, they are glued with moisture-resistant glue. Due to the radial shape of the wing flaps, this process is quite time-consuming. It is preferable to use not different improvised materials, but sound-absorbing sheets. When the plastic fenders of your car are in very poor condition and cannot be repaired, it is better to buy new ones. Even if you do not perform additional sound insulation of the wheel arches, but just install the wheel arches, this will already allow reducing the noise level by at least a third. In addition to reducing noise, the wing flaps also protect the body from corrosion processes..

It is best to perform noise insulation work in the warm and dry season, if you find this process very difficult, then you can order these operations in a car service, but remember that doing this work yourself will be a much more economical and reliable option.


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