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How to use the bridge lock on the Prado 120?

By admin

There are two modes H and L:

  1. H – normal mode
  2. L – reduced, the torque transmitted to the wheels increases.


  • HH – normal driving
  • HL – conventional with a center differential lock, the moment is distributed between the axles 50/50
  • LL – lowered with blocking center differential.

To switch:

  • stop the car
  • press the brake pedal
  • automatic transmission handle in N
  • dispenser handle in L
  • Automatic transmission in D and you can go.

Exactly the same back. Automatic transmission, depending on the purpose, can be put on any gear.

The lowered one is turned on when the car is stopped when the automatic transmission handle is in N, in the same way back. Blocking is possible while driving, while the electronics itself will determine the moment of switching on, but it is advisable to turn it on before the start of dirt, sand, snow.

I turn on the lowered one very rarely, mainly when you need to carefully adjust the speed with the gas pedal (track, bumps, bump). In other cases, the moment is 4 liters. there is enough motor, except for very heavy mud or dense snow.

The center differential is locked with a lever next to the gearbox lever. The blocking on high is activated on the go, it is not connected immediately, it is recommended to play (light) with gas or a brake. Power-on indication on the panel, blinking – has not yet turned on or turned off, glows steadily, turned on. It turns off the same way. Reduced turns on, turns off ONLY when the machine is stationary.

The rear axle lock is activated on the move, the speed is less than 8 km / h. or on a standing car, a switch on the front panel under the steering wheel. Locking hard, ONLY off-road. After turning on the switch, it is also recommended to play the gas brake slightly. Until the red indicator stops blinking and lights up steadily.

In the Prado manual they write as follows:

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