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Hummer H2 Car

Hummer H2 Car 1

Hummer H2: Suitable for the city and has a high cross

Hummer H2 Car 2

Ten years after the official premiere of the first generation Hummer H1 jeep, in the spring of 2002 it was officially presented on the international Hummer H2 market, which was an urbanized, modified version of the first generation. The first Hummer had absolutely no convenience and comfort, only exceptionally high technical properties. All this was provided during the design, so the Hummer H2 was the optimal SUV, which shows excellent technical properties and at the same time fits the design of the metropolis.

This modification received a rather bold appearance, a more chic interior, only the cross-country ability remained at the highest level. It was announced that H2 is the optimal balance between comfort on the road and the ability to leave its borders at any time..

Of course, the Hummer H2 SUV has become smaller compared to its illustrious predecessor. However, there is still the same recognizable angular appearance that demonstrates belonging to army models. The appearance almost completely resembles the Hummer H1 – the same miniature overhangs, in fact the vertical placement of the struts, the cubic shape of the body, the widespread windshield and, of course, the impressive wheels and massive wheel arches.

Hummer H2 is tuned in all units, suitable for operation in the most unforeseen road and extreme conditions. It is distinguished by a completely welded ladder-type frame, which has 3 modules, due to which virtually no vibration of the body is achieved.

As for the interior, in this case, painstaking and systematic work is noticeable, both engineers and designers. Careful attention was paid to the seat system. In modification H2, there is now the possibility of eight possibilities for adjusting their height and position, the angle of inclination is also regulated, and the level of inclination in the lumbar region is controlled. In the basic configuration, the chairs have a banal textile upholstery, however, there is an option to order and leather upholstery. Emphasis in interior design should not be in front of H2. Here and the console, located in the center, which resembles an airplane, three-dimensional texture of surfaces – everything, this, one way or another, resembles the army origin of Hummera.

They will give you a place on the road when they see you in Hummer H2!

Let Hummer H2 become your friend, because only on it you can overcome such obstacles that you shied away from before!


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