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Hydrogen Model Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen Model Toyota Mirai 1

Hydrogen Model Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen Model Toyota Mirai 2

The Japanese Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan can travel 502 km at one gas station. Information about this was released by one of the American agencies. According to experts, this result can be considered the best among all models of hydrogen cars currently on the market..

We can add that the stock of models such as the hydrogen Hyundai Tucson and Honda FCX is only 426 kmi 372 km, respectively. It is important to note that in terms of power reserve, the Japanese Mirai hydrogen car managed to bypass even the popular Tesla Model S electric car, which, at full charge of its batteries, can travel a distance of 434.5 km.

According to experts, the average fuel consumption of the Mirai model when converted to standard fuel is approximately 3.51 liters per 100 km distance. In the US market, this model may appear on sale at a price of 57.5 thousand dollars. This price is announced before taxes. In terms of the car can be purchased for the amount of 3 million 211 thousand rubles.

It is important to note that during the first three years of use, buyers of new items will be able to receive free hydrogen. The total volume of fuel supply for this machine in three years can reach an amount equal to approximately $ 15 thousand or 838 thousand rubles. In addition, customers will be able to count on free maintenance that can be completed for three years or until 56 thousand kilometers are reached..

It is important to add that the automaker provides a guarantee for the key components of the power plant model Toyota Mirai. This guarantee will be valid for eight years or extend to 160 thousand kilometers.

Perhaps the new model will be in good demand in the US market. Due to the growing popularity of environmentally friendly transport, hydrogen cars can replace ICE vehicles in the near future and even push models with hybrid power plants on the market, which include gasoline or diesel power units.

The Japanese automaker previously disseminated information on the hydrogen novelty in small portions. All this has led to an increase in the interest of potential buyers who are waiting for the start of sales of a new eco-friendly Japanese car. There is a possibility that immediately after entering the salons, the new Japanese model can be quite in great demand among American motorists. And if a new car appears on the EU market, then the Mirai model may also be in demand there..


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