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Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent 1

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent 2

In 1994, Hyundai Motors Corp (South Korea) launched the new Accent. This car has become popular, which can tell by the level of sales. The car has an unusual appearance. Salon is made as comfortable as possible. The model has a diverse and rich set of options. Hyundai Accent has become famous for its fuel economy option. With the release of this model, Hyundai is starting to use its own engines. They used to use the Mitsubishi engine range..

In 1999, a modification of Accent was released. The next generation of the machine became larger both in width and in length. Visually, changes are also visible. The body was made according to the latest discoveries in the automotive structure. The hood has become oblique. The windshield has a considerable slope. Thanks to these two changes, the car was provided with drag. The interior also suffered changes. Updated decoration material. The panel in front has become completely new. Salon made multifunctional and comfortable. The update also received a driver’s seat. Improved visibility from the driver’s seat. The new panel design provided the machine with good ergonomics. In real conditions, the convenient location of each item, device and options was checked. Behind the wheel, the necessary devices that have a background suspension are conveniently located. The dashboard goes into the door panel. Such changes in the cabin could increase the space. Improved system for reducing fuel consumption. Such results helped to achieve new discoveries. Also, thanks to the new cost management system, the car has become both more economical and environmentally friendly. In addition, improved sound insulation.

In 2003, the world saw the third modification of the Hyundai Accent. Changes have occurred in the exterior and in technical terms. By car, a completely new body. You can find out only the headlights and grille. On the sides, the body also suffered changes. The back of the car has acquired new lines. The interior has changed slightly. The new generation boasts modern finishes. The front panel has changed its design. The luggage compartment is quite large in volume. Family features remained, but the car looks more modern. The new modification in its line had two power units, gasoline and diesel. The car received two gearboxes. Increased security.


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