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Hyundai Equus Car

Hyundai Equus Car 1

Executive sedan Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus Car 2

When developing the Equus sedan, the Hyundai automaker aimed to get the most comfortable, representative vehicle. The developers managed to fully solve the task. The sedan body has classic and at the same time dynamic lines. The interior is decorated with expensive materials, extensive optional equipment allows you to operate the machine with complete comfort.

Interior fittings

The interior of the car in question is designed for four people. The interior is decorated with genuine leather, decorated with aluminum inserts. The front panel is not made of traditional plastic, but assembled from precious wood panels. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in twelve directions through an electric drive. In addition, an adjustable leg support and a steering column adjustable in height, angle of inclination help the driver to get in his place optimally. A convenient joystick is installed between the front seats, using which you can navigate through the menu of the information system. The system screen is mounted at the top of the center console.

To accommodate the rear passengers, two seats are provided. They can be adjusted in various directions using an electric drive. The drive control keys, multimedia systems and HVAC equipment are displayed on a wide armrest located between the seats. Under the armrest is a box fridge for storing drinks. If necessary, passengers can use the massager built into the seats.

Powertrain specifications, options

In the basic configuration, a 373-horsepower engine is installed on the Hyundai Equus that can accelerate the car to hundreds in six seconds. The engine works in conjunction with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The top equipment is equipped with a 430-horsepower five-liter engine and an 8-band automatic transmission.

Hyundai Equus already in the basic version is equipped with a large number of electronic assistants, systems, options. So for the lowest possible cost you will get a sedan with a rear-view camera, navigation system, 3-zone climate control, blind spots control system. An electrically-operated curtain is installed on the rear window, the engine is started and the doors opened by means of a keyless entry system. Naturally, a premium car is provided with all possible safety features that have passed comprehensive testing. During the tests, it was found that the sedan withstands a head-on collision at speeds up to 100 km / h. After such a blow, the car door does not jam, passengers wearing seat belts do not get injured.


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