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Hyundai Getz Car

Hyundai Getz Car 1

Hyundai Getz – Success Policy

Hyundai Getz Car 2

The compact Hyundai Getz met the expectations of Korean developers. Although this was to be expected, it was sold in Europe, and was targeted specifically at European users, taking into account their tastes and requirements. Hence the balance of demand, supply and a high sales rating.

Getz hatchback went off the assembly line in 2 types of bodies (3.5 doors). The engine range offers 3 gasoline ICEs, from 62 to 105 forces, with a different displacement, as well as a turbocharged diesel engine, 105 forces. On the territory of our country, cars were delivered only in gasoline trim levels. Transmission units were installed at choice, the basic classic manual transmission (5) and automatic transmission (4).

The secondary market, in the vast majority of cases, offers dealer specimens. The car’s body is high, therefore, a visually compact hatchback can boast of spaciousness in the cabin, at least based on its size. Of course, the rear passengers of the mentioned space may not be enough, but its lack is not felt in front. The luggage compartment is small, but the car is not designed for long trips, and there is enough space for suitcases, bags, or household luggage.

Getz equipment varies slightly, depending on the configuration version. For example, the standard and main GL offers an airbag (for the driver) and front power accessories. The layout of the GLS version is more diverse, ABS and air conditioning are added to it. But, almost all the cars presented on the “secondary” have a number of options and additional equipment installed, which the previous owners of the cars took care of. Therefore, here you can observe anything from climate = control and navigation systems to alloy wheels and CDs..

Hatchback power units are distinguished by endurance and durability, with timely maintenance (10 thousand km.). Every 3rd service will require not only the replacement of technical fluids and system filters, but also the timing belt (complete). Spark plugs work according to the stipulated regulations if the car is operated on high-quality fuel.

Standard transmission units will not make any trouble except oil changes. In the suspension, first of all, stabilization units “fly”. Damping elements, with careful driving, can work out 2 terms declared by the manufacturer. The rear brake wheel mechanisms are almost eternal, the front disk will need to be revised after 35 thousand km. run (pads). Overall, the system is reliable and predictable..


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