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Hyundai Getz – compact and maintainability

Hyundai Getz - compact and maintainability 1

Hyundai Getz – compact and maintainability

Hyundai Getz - compact and maintainability 2

One of the most important ratios that provide the machine with further successful market promotion is the ratio of the quality of the model and its cost. For example, the Hyundai Getz model features a good exterior, a free interior and predictable handling. In addition, the car is maintainable and economical, and this is a lot.

The Getz model from Korean engineers came out reliable, unpretentious, attractive and inexpensive. It is not necessary to be surprised, when creating the car, all declared claims and wishes of European motorists were taken into account. Hence the balance of comfort and demand for the latest version.

Hyundai Getz hatchback (3-5 door body) carries, in various generations, several gasoline ICEs, up to 1.6 liters, and a diesel unit with a turbine, 105 “horses. In our country, the car is known only in gasoline trim levels. In the base, 2 types of PP boxes were offered: mechanics (5 gears), and automatic transmission of 4 ranges. In the secondary market, you can see other configurations, the delivery of which was carried out mainly through dealers.

The car body is tall, so the apparent compactness is actually deceiving, the interior is spacious and comfortable. The luggage compartment is small, but it is enough when operating a car in a city. If you need to increase the luggage compartment, you can fold the back sofa.

At the base, Getz stepped off the assembly line with an airbag (for the driver), front-wheel drive. In the GLS version, additionally installed: air conditioning, ABS, CD player.

Without exception, all configurations are distinguished by the structural simplicity of the power units, the availability of repair, which, however, is a rare phenomenon if you take care of the motor and carry out mandatory timely maintenance. After a run, from 50 thousand km, in addition to replacing consumable technical fluids and spark plugs, it is necessary to update the timing drive (belt, rollers, tensioner), which is recommended to be carried out in a company service.

Gearboxes function stably and reliably, and with proper care they will not be a problem. In the suspension, stabilizers, both flocks and bushings, need attention, but by the time they wear out, as a rule, the time comes for complex work, which involves replacing the tips in the steering mechanism, hub bearings, and ball bearings. The brake system of the machine is trouble-free, the pads will have to be changed after 12 thousand km (approximately), and the rear brakes will not remind of themselves for several years. Taking into account all these advantages, the best car for driving in the cramped conditions of a metropolis is not required. And since the Korean auto industry is actively exploring new opportunities for selling its products, there should be no problems with repairs.


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