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Hyundai i10 hatchback

Hyundai i10 hatchback 1

The second generation hatchback Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 hatchback 2

The presentation of the 2nd generation of the Hyundai i10 hatchback took place in 2013 and at the end of last year, this car was sold to our country’s car dealerships. In the updated version, the hatchback has radically changed the appearance of the body. Its design was executed in accordance with the concept of “Structural structure”. The front part with the arrow-shaped head optics and a bumper with air intakes stand out in the appearance of the car. Side elements are decorated with moldings and stamping, the tailgate is decorated with a spoiler.

Since the dimensions of the Hyundai i10 bodywork increased in the second generation, the interior has become more spacious. Plus, due to the large area of ​​glazing, the dimensions of the cabin visually expand even more. Designers have completely changed the layout of controls and controls. She became more ascetic and functional. A slight tilt of the center console allows the driver, without looking to use the keys of the stereo system, to adjust the level of climate control equipment. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in eight directions, and the rear sofa slides in the longitudinal direction. Due to this, it becomes possible to expand the volume of the trunk without folding the back of the sofa, or you can expand the legroom in the event that passengers will be tall.

Already in the basic configuration, the i10 has impressive optional equipment. So, the equipment includes cruise control with a speed limiting system, the steering wheel is heated, the tire pressure is controlled by a special system and when it becomes necessary to pump up tires, a notification will appear on the on-board computer screen. Access to the car is carried out without the help of keys, it is enough to have a remote control keychain in your pocket and the friend or foe system will determine the owner of the car in you.

Powertrain specifications

Hyundai i10 is equipped with economical and at the same time quite dynamic gasoline power units. In the basic equipment you get a car with a motor capacity of 65 liters. from. In a more expensive version, the car is equipped with a 86 liter gasoline engine. from. A less powerful engine is able to accelerate the Hyundai i10 to hundreds in fifteen seconds, the top unit accelerates the car in twelve seconds. At the same time, fuel consumption in the city does not exceed six liters; on the highway, engines consume about four liters of gasoline. The power units operate with both mechanical and automatic transmission.


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