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Hyundai i30 station wagon

Hyundai i30 station wagon 1

Station wagon Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30 station wagon 2

The development of the Hyundai i30 station wagon was carried out in Germany based on the concepts of Arnejs and Genus. The car received a dynamic body design, which stands out for the convex rear, rounded lines of the hood, a pronounced rib on the side elements. Head optics has a complex, expressive shape, harmoniously combined with a two-section radiator grille. The wheelbase of the car is long and thanks to this the station wagon shows excellent stability on the road surface. Among direct competitors, the Hyundai i30 has the most spacious interior.

Inside the station wagon seats with anatomical shape are installed. The steering column can be shifted in angle and height, which allows the driver to take an optimal position. The dashboard is highlighted with a pleasant blue light for the eyes, and the control devices are provided with color indicators of malfunctions. Thanks to this, in the event of a breakdown of any vehicle equipment, you will immediately know about it. The interior is decorated in two colors and when buying a car you can choose your own special color scheme. In more expensive trim levels, the interior is decorated with leather.

Engine specifications, safety features

All gasoline power units that are equipped with the Hyundai i30 are equipped with a variable valve timing system. Therefore, with a relatively small volume and modest fuel consumption, they are able to develop significant power. So, in the basic configuration, you get a car with a 1.4 liter unit. This motor is capable of developing power of 105 liters. from. A more expensive 1.6 liter engine develops 115 liters of power. from. Diesel units are equipped with turbines with a system for changing the discharge geometry and a high-pressure fuel supply system. The result is a 1.6 liter diesel unit. becomes able to develop a capacity of 90 liters. with., and the top diesel engine produces a capacity of 140 liters. from.

Hyundai i30 is equipped with a variety of passive and active safety systems. In the cabin, airbags, curtains are responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers, a special system will warn you about unfastened belts. The car body is designed in such a way that under critical loads there is a distribution of forces in three directions. As a result, even with the most severe impacts, the car body deforms slightly.


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