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Hyundai ix20 car

Hyundai ix20 car 1

Hyundai ix20 – a car combining the properties of a minivan and a hatchback

Hyundai ix20 car 2

Automakers do not produce many cars that combine the speed of a hatchback with the spaciousness and comfort of a minivan. The Hyundai ix20 is one of them. This car has a wedge-shaped, swift silhouette. Body elements are harmoniously combined, flow into each other. In the front of the car, the air intake, which is combined into a single unit, is noteworthy. Head optics are made in the corporate style, that is, it has an arrow-shaped shape.

The Hyundai ix20 interior is large, and it would be possible to place three rows of seats in it. But, the developers decided to make the cabin as comfortable and spacious as possible, so two rows of seats are located inside, which can easily accommodate passengers of impressive build and there will still be room for packing luggage, personal items. A lot of fixtures, niches, boxes for storing oversized items, cups, etc. are distributed around the cabin. The driver’s seat provides a high landing and as a result, the driver gets an excellent overview of the traffic situation. The steering column is able to shift in angle and height, and the driver’s seat is shifted in eight directions.

Please note that Hyundai ix20 received the highest safety rating in Europe. During the tests, it turned out that a collision at high speeds leads to a slight deformation of the body, while passengers do not get damaged.

Characteristics of power units Hyundai ix20

In the base ix20 is equipped with a gasoline unit, which is able to develop a capacity of 90 liters. from. Despite the relatively low power this motor is able to accelerate the car to hundreds in twelve seconds. At the same time, fuel consumption in the city will be only six liters. Fuel saving helps ISG engine shutdown at short stops.

If you decide to buy a Hyundai ix20, then it makes sense to you to prefer the option of equipping the car with a 89 liter diesel engine. from. Acceleration with this engine takes two seconds more than with gasoline, but fuel consumption in the city will not exceed five liters. The specified power units operate with automatic or mechanical transmission.


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