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Hyundai ix35 car

Hyundai ix35 car 1

Hyundai ix35 car

Hyundai ix35 car 2

The development of the Hyundai ix35 was carried out for three years with the involvement of an international team. The result is a truly unique vehicle with excellent technical characteristics. The car is equipped with a large number of useful options, electronic systems that have made the operation of the car more safe, comfortable, simple. These and other advantages have made the Hyundai ix35 a popular, sought-after model, as evidenced by the level of sales. In less than three years, 250 thousand of these cars were sold..

Salon equipment, options

Hyundai ix35 is designed for five people, at the disposal of which are provided comfortable seats upholstered in fabric. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in eight directions, the steering column is capable of shifting in height and angle. Thus, the driver of any physique will be able to take the most comfortable position behind the wheel. A 4.2-inch trip computer monitor is installed on the dashboard, and a 7-inch touch screen multimedia system is mounted on the center console. It can display the image from the rear view camera, information about the operation of some nodes and the vehicle’s assembly. Below the touch screen are modules with keys for controlling climate equipment, navigation system.

In the basic configuration, the Hyundai ix35 is equipped with a heated seat for passengers and the driver, side windows are equipped with an electric drive. In more expensive versions, the air conditioner is replaced by climate control, the steering column becomes telescopic, the steering wheel rim gets the opportunity to heat up, an electrically operated sunroof is installed on the roof. Plus, if you decide to buy a Hyundai ix35 in a more expensive configuration, the Flex Steer system will be installed on the steering wheel, which will allow you to set the degree of steering effort.

Powertrain specifications

Hyundai ix35 is equipped with three powertrain options. In the basic version, a two-liter MPI unit with a capacity of 166 liters is installed on the car. from. The top versions are equipped with diesel two-liter engines with a capacity of 184 and 136 liters. from. These aggregations are provided with an exhaust gas recirculation system, which allows to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and contribute to fuel economy. All engines can operate with automatic or mechanical 6-speed transmission.

The diesel version of the car has four-wheel drive, in the gasoline version the drive can be front-wheel or full-wheel. Hyundai ix35 is available at car factories in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


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