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Hyundai ix55 car

Hyundai ix55 car 1

Optional and technical equipment of the Hyundai ix55 car

Hyundai ix55 car 2

Hyundai ix55 is a comfortable 7-seater car developed on the basis of the Santa Fe platform. Unlike its prototype, the ix55 has a ten-centimeter-wide platform, the best optional equipment, provides a more comfortable cabin for the services of the driver and passengers. Let’s consider what optional and technical equipment you can count on when buying a Hyundai ix55.

Optional equipment Hyundai ix55

In our country, the ix55 comes in three basic configurations: Basic, Maximum, and Lux. Regardless of the configuration, the car’s interior is equipped with seats with excellent lateral support, lumbar support. The driver’s seat is provided with a large number of adjustments, and passenger seats can be shifted to the sides and in the longitudinal direction. Due to this, it becomes possible to transform the cabin, expand the passage to the third row seats, fold the seatbacks, etc..

In the basic configuration, the car’s interior is equipped with cruise control, 2-zone climate control, and a proprietary Infinity audio system. Climate control from passenger seats is carried out from the remote control installed in the armrests of the seats. The seats are lined with black or brown leather, the wipers are heated, the interior is decorated with wood accents. Thus, already in the “base” Hyundai ix55 equipment looks more than worthy. Nevertheless, if you decide to buy the specified car, it is better to give preference to a complete set “Luxury”. In this case, you get a car with xenon light, an electric sunroof, all seats are equipped with heated.

Safety features, engine characteristics Hyundai ix55

When developing the body of the car under consideration, Hyundai specialists conducted numerous computer tests as a result of which possible deformation zones were revealed. These parts of the body received reinforced elements, and as a result, during real tests, it turned out that in a collision with a concrete wall at a speed of 60 km / h, the car body is practically not deformed. The car keeps side impacts just as well, the door does not jam, the gas tank does not leak. In addition, the seats are provided with active head restraints; side and front airbags are installed in the cabin. In a head-on collision, a special electronic system is triggered, which gives a command to fix in the driver’s and front passenger’s seat.

In the basic configuration, the car in question is equipped with a 3.8 liter gasoline power unit. He is able to develop power up to 260 liters. from. and is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. In the top-end configuration, a Hyundai ix55 is equipped with a turbo diesel developing 239 liters. from. Four-wheel drive can turn off automatically when the car reaches a speed above 40 km / h.


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