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Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe 1

Without keyword

Hyundai Santa Fe (about retrograde in the practice of car repair, – 🙂

Hyundai Santa Fe 2

(from Latin retrogradus – going backward), an adversary of progress, a person with retarded glances.

I have the right to express my opinion …

I don’t often come to the Legion Avtodaty forum. It all depends on the time when I come home after work, -☺

And I read Markin’s article. And he made his conclusion. And he agreed with his main idea:

Morality: There is no more unique tool than human eyes and ears. There is no alternative to them either electronically or in any other way; … But without a head – it’s better not to take devices in your hands; All devices must be used according to their main purpose, individually and in combination..

And you do not need to believe in the versatility and uniqueness of some devices.

I agreed with this thought. One hundred percent. I did not agree with the discussion where Markin was presented as a “retrograde” (what kind of beast this is, a “retrograde” – at the beginning of my material).

Because quite recently in practice there was such a case …

Car Santa Fe. American. The car was dragged by a drag. Does not start. They dragged her immediately to a nearby technological post to our locksmiths. The guys looked to me:

– This is for your part. No spark.

– Seat belt in place?

– Yes. Everything is fine, in place. Spinning.

Well, in principle, yes … then this is for my part … we connect the oscilloscope, we look:

Hyundai Santa Fe 3

We see an amazing picture:

Signal Crankshaft – missing. Camshaft signal present.

This is a “fat hint” that the crankshaft sensor is defective. But for what reason?

I ask my colleagues:

– Belt looked exactly?

Hyundai Santa Fe 4

The nozzles are powered, there are no pulses.

Again I return to the “fat hint” from the sensor.

Who knows this car, he can imagine how much everything needs to be disassembled in order to completely remove the “forehead” and inspect the sensor and timing belt …

Colleagues looked at the belt “only from above”, but completely not yet … decided to find out my opinion on the issue …

The crankshaft sensor is deep under the casing. What to do?

– Guys, let’s completely remove the cover and fully inspect the belt

Work “wagon”. But there is no alternative.

When everything was sorted out, the picture became clear:

– The timing belt was sector-wise with cut teeth (photo not, alas …)

… when the timing belt teeth were cut, fragments of the teeth of the belt fell under the drive of the sensor and broke it …

That is, the original reason was in the belt, and the failure of the sensor was a consequence … well, then … the valves were bent, the valve springs remained in a compressed position and the resistance to rotation decreased significantly, and the camshaft began to turn easily (you can turn it by hand).

That is, in fact, the timing belt from the “toothed” became “wedge-shaped” and therefore rotated both the crankshaft and the camshaft. Since the rotation was easy, the belt “hung” during rotation, which provoked frequent blows to the crankshaft sensor and its failure.

This trouble could have been avoided if the client, following the purchase of this car, followed the advice of friends:

– Change the belt, it is not known how much the car really “ran” …

– So on the speedometer there’s nothing at all!

– The speedometer can be twisted …

Well, now it feels like …

Surely I won’t discover America if I say that when inspecting the car (input diagnostics), I not only take the necessary measurements, measurements, etc., but also “listen” to the car.

Anyone in the “topic” will understand …

So, when I carried out the initial diagnosis, I drew attention to the “unusual ease” of the rotation of the engine. This is a “bell”.

When I checked the power and saw that there were no pulses to the nozzles, this was the second “bell”. The third was after taking the waveform and studying it.

I won’t bother further, I’ll just say that after each such “bell” the circuit diagrams popped up in my head … does it happen? Comparing everything together, I came to the final conclusion: “The cause of the malfunction in the timing belt area”.

So I agree: “it’s better not to pick up devices without a head”, – –

Mikhail Evgenievich
Car service “VTS”
st. Suzdal 9
You can call during business hours:


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