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Hyundai Sonata Car Sedan

Hyundai Sonata Car Sedan 1

Hyundai Sonata – high-quality and economical sedan

Hyundai Sonata Car Sedan 2

Hyundai Sonata is a four-door sedan with a two-liter CRDi diesel engine with a capacity of one hundred and fifty horsepower and a three-liter gasoline V6 with a capacity of two hundred and fifty horses. The first may be associated with a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission. Gasoline is available only in the machine..

This Hyundai is an alternative to the Chevrolet Epica or Ford Mondeo, but has the advantage of being more economical. With gasoline and four-wheel drive, it is estimated at twenty-five thousand nine hundred euros.

Its dimensions are four thousand eight hundred millimeters long, one thousand eight hundred thirty two millimeters wide and one thousand four hundred thirty five millimeters high. It has a capacity of five hundred twenty-three liters, but all versions have the ability to fold backs of the back row of seats, increasing the carrying capacity.

The client can choose from four trim levels: classic, comfort, style and premium. They are complete and have a long list of standard features. Namely: airbags on the outside, front and rear airbags, cruise control, stability control (ESP), traction control, rear window heating with a timer, electric heated outside mirrors, a steering wheel and a leather transmission handle to match the body color, glass antenna, MP3 radio CD and alarm.

However, the range of additional items is not expanded. In virtually all types of trim, the only element added is metallic paint.

Hyundai Sonata has become a position higher in two thousand fourteen.

The Korean Hyundai Motor factory is almost ready to make some changes to this car, reconstructing it. Sedan will definitely be seen in the car market.

Information provided by the head of the company, Kim Chun-ho. Engineering is part of the industry found in Seoul, South Korea..

Hyundai Sonata is currently in demand. The car has its own South Korean brand in the world. This is the third vehicle in Korea in terms of popularity. Therefore, the manufacturer has its own clientele. As far as we know, the car introduced to the market at the end of two thousand and nine has not been changed since then. This upgrade will be the most significant of all..

In addition, Hyundai was responsible for the consistent increase in the cost of Sonata, primarily with the addition of telematics, fuel economy and a lifetime warranty for the battery.

Kim Chung-ho also took the time to announce that the updated Hyundai Genesis can be seen in two thousand and thirteenth..


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