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Hyundai Sonata NF

Hyundai Sonata NF 1

Car Hyundai Sonata NF

Hyundai Sonata NF 2

The Hyundai Sonata car, due to the optimal price-quality ratio, is very popular among motorists from our country. Given the rather high level of sales, Hyundai specialists decided to modernize this car, make its body, technical and optional equipment more modern. As a result, now you have the opportunity to buy a Sonata NF model at a car dealership. Please note that this car is significantly different from its basic modification, which is going to Taganrog. Hyundai NF is made in South Korea and is essentially a brand new car..

Features of the exterior and interior design Hyundai Sonata NF

In the appearance of the body of the car in question, a stylish radiator grille with a central crossbar attracts attention. The head optics have a narrower shape and harmoniously fit into the lines of the hood. Sonata NF is equipped with 17-inch wheels, which are framed by powerful wheel arches. In the lower part, the doors are protected by a chrome molding, attractive to the side parts of the body are added door handles coated with chrome.

Compared with the Hyundai Sonata, the NF modification has a large body size. Accordingly, the interior of the car turned out to be more spacious. For passengers sitting in the back, the free leg space increased by 30 millimeters, and for those sitting in front, the free space increases by ten millimeters. The interior has a two-color design, the plastic of the front panel is soft. The driver’s seat and steering column can be adjusted, but you will have to do this manually. Side mirrors are adjustable using an electric drive, the washer is heated.

The noise of the street, the engine in the cabin is almost inaudible thanks to the soundproof liners installed in the body elements and glass of increased thickness. Hyundai Sonata NF is the safest car in its class. This is confirmed by modern airbags and curtains, the availability of electronic means of keeping the car on the road in adverse traffic conditions. In the process of developing a body design, Hyundai specialists identified deformation zones and strengthened them..

Characteristics of power units Hyundai Sonata NF

Hyundai Sonata NF has a weight of more than one and a half tons and with such a significant mass with a base gasoline engine of 2.4 liters. a car takes acceleration to hundreds in just eight seconds. Such excellent dynamics is achieved primarily due to the presence of the CVVT system, which optimizes the valve timing during operation of the power unit. In a top-end configuration, the sedan is equipped with a Lambada gasoline unit capable of developing a capacity of 233 liters. from. The cases of all these power units are made of aluminum and operate with a 4-speed automatic transmission.


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