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Identification of a clogged catalyst in a car

Identification of a clogged catalyst in a car 1

Identification of a clogged catalyst in a car

The people go whole legends about the indestructibility of the catalyst. But we are well aware that there is absolutely nothing eternal in this world..

We have to face such a problem. In this article, we will consider methods for diagnosing and recovering a catalyst..

Catalyst definition

This part in the car plays an important role. It contributes to the breakdown of harmful substances that make up the exhaust gases into less hazardous fractions..

The conversion occurs through a chemical reaction. Exhaust gases pass through the product and react with special bobbins located inside the catalyst housing.

The metal case of the product does not directly participate in the process. A special coating of bobbins works. Usually it is noble platinum or iridium..

In operation, the catalyst is exposed to so much heating that even its ignition is possible. To avoid such a nuisance, the catalyst has a thermal insulation layer.

Experts say that the peak performance of the device lies beyond the threshold of three hundred degrees plus. Estimated failure life is approximately 100,000 kilometers.

Identification of a clogged catalyst in a car 2

Clogged Catalyst Identification

If the catalyst has worked out, the car will tell us about it with the dry phrase “Check Engine”. As soon as trouble occurs with the catalyst, the car will not behave correctly. This can be manifested in a difficult start of the engine, a drop in power, etc..

A common cause of the above problems is blockage of the product cells. Honeycombs are clogged with soot, gas passage is limited. The exhaust gas is weak – clogged catalyst.

A “Check Engine” message may also appear if the platinum or iridium coating prematurely breaks down..

On the failure of the catalyst can tell and a nasty smell, with relatives of ammonia.

Sad consequences

If the catalyst jams or refuses to work at all, it is necessary to take concrete measures immediately. It’s good if his honeycombs are simply clogged. Then the product can be cleaned. And if there was a fusion of the inside, then write was gone. There may come trouble.

The fact is that, having lost its throughput, the catalyst begins to accumulate gases, which at excessive pressure are thrown back to the engine. And if in the catalyst there are destroyed filter parts, all this will rush to the pistons of the car engine.

The catalyst is clogged. How to be

You can of course install a spark arrestor. In this case, the car will work. But all the “charms” with exhaust gases rush into the environment.

There is an option to replace the catalyst. But this process is not at all easy. Therefore, you can’t do without a master. His services, plus the part itself (the cost of the catalyst in the region of 150 US dollars), the repair will cost a pretty penny.

But where to go? Do you like to ride, love and toboggle (s). In the end, you may find a car repairman among relatives and friends. But it must be the master. Otherwise, it smells like kerosene.


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