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Infiniti FX35 (EX35)

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 1

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A very successful car of the FX35 (EX35) series in S51 bodies received a new engine with two throttles and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 2

The exterior and interior of the car still looks great in the stream, especially models in the aerodynamic body kit. There are no serious flaws in these machines, if they are serviced on time, fill with high-quality oil and use original filters. A dramatic change in the VQ35 of these bodies – instead of the DE engine with one throttle, a more powerful HR (VQ35HR) with two throttles and camshaft phase control appeared.

The main problems that owners of such cars observe are sometimes unstable behavior of the engine at idle or in motion, namely:
– Failure when reaching 2000 revolutions in the movement, which some perceive as a “jerk”
– In place, with the engine warmed up, if you sharply increase the speed to 3-4 thousand and throw the pedal, then it can suddenly fail them to the level of 500 or lower, and then it will level out to the base 650-700. It happens and stalls.
– Vibration or shaking of the motor, lack of power with small presses of the gas pedal and slight rise
– Hovering on the gear (usually 4 or 5) at a speed of 60 km / h and moving uphill with partial pressing the gas pedal by a third. Even pressing the pedal to half does not change the situation – the car does not switch down and accelerates poorly.
– When you press the gas pedal above 75 percent, the so-called KICK DOWN is triggered, when the box should switch through the stage (in two gears) down, but this does not happen or happens with a long delay.

All this is interconnected both with the operation of the motor and the transmission. Let us first consider the problems in the motor, namely the timing control system.

In addition to the intake system, the exhaust has been redesigned on this engine – an exhaust side camshaft phase control system has been installed.

NISSAN-INFINITY has a camshaft control system called VTC.

Consider a conventional system, the so-called classic, where the valve opening phases are fixed.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 3

Its disadvantage is that with an increase in engine speed, the filling of the cylinders with the mixture decreases, since the air is sufficiently inert, when it moves, intake elements, a cleaning filter, a throttle valve, etc. create obstacles. All this leads to a loss of power and an increase in exhaust toxicity. In a system with variable phases, the inlet valves can be opened earlier, thereby increasing the cylinder filling at revolutions significantly.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 4

Almost all car manufacturers use similar systems today..

INFINITY in the VQ35DE engine used this system only on the intake valves, and on the VQ35HR engines on the exhaust valves. Thus, in the FX35, the valve opening phases change both on the inlet and outlet sides, so the motor received the HR prefix, the initial letters High Response, which translates conventionally as “high response”. There is an option with speed, but the fact remains – the reaction to the gas pedal is really high. The car starts abruptly, both in place and on the move, its reaction to gas is good. But over time, owners begin to notice that overclocking dynamics are getting worse. And here the point is often not in the timing chain. With a timely oil change, the timing chains are freely nursed under 300,000 km. This is not an engineering miscalculation like on the QX56 – PATROL. There are problems in the VTC couplings on the exhaust shafts, they became electrically controlled.

In the photo, the engine is FX35 (EX35), the green arrow indicates the VTC coupling of the intake shaft – it is hydraulic control, red – the coupling of the exhaust phase control, it is electrically controlled.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 5

Both couplings “suffer” from dirty oil and errors like P0300 often appear – misfires and the motor may shake.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 6

The machine may not start well, it is unstable to keep idle speed, there are failures in the work. All this is eliminated by the repair of couplings. Even if there is no error, the incorrect operation of the couplings causes problems close to the above. Whenever changing couplings or removing the terminal from the BATTERY, it is NECESSARY to retrain the phase control point. This can be done from the scanner, otherwise, when you press the gas pedal, the revs fail, and then grow. The second unpleasant moment: when the revs are reset without load, their value can drop below 500, or even the motor stalls. And the third, last – when moving about 2000 revolutions, a jerk is clearly felt.

Each of the owners in his own way tries to explain the behavior of the machine, which does not suit him, but we always do a road test: the owner is driving, he shows in motion, under certain conditions, certain manifestations, we look at the parameters in the scanner date.

Sometimes the problem is more in the engine, sometimes in the box. The 7-speed transmissions of these machines have a developed shift prediction algorithm (SHIFT PATTERN), and the current and set times are displayed in the date from the scanner. Over time, the adaptations in the control unit of these boxes take the wrong values, and this is due to software errors. After a certain mileage of 100,000 km, incorrect recording of adaptations leads to phenomena such as “transmission freezes,” that is, switching times become inadequate. Sometimes in traffic jams this manifests itself even more strongly: the car sluggishly shifts gears both up and down. What is needed for this: see the version of the program in automatic transmission. For example, the FX37 is a much fresher car, and the version is old. And the problems are exactly the same.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 7

If you (and this is 100%) version is old, then you need to reprogram the box processor.

Even if the version is the same as the screenshot below, then after them there were two or even three updates until they fixed the switching problems. Why can’t you just erase adaptations and just retrain this transmission? Because the processor itself with the control valves is located inside the box. For such a design, resetting adaptations is not possible without reprogramming. When the processor was an external unit and was in the cabin, there was such an opportunity. But these are cars until 2003-2004, maximum, and then only with five-speed gearboxes. After reprogramming, you must do a road test to learn automatic transmission.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 8

These all versions do not work correctly and require replacement, and the latest versions of normally working algorithms start with index 9. As we can see, both the FX35 and EX35 (essentially the same base of engines and transmissions) are all on this list of the official bulletin.
And the example above is that the FX37 did not bypass this problem.

Excerpt from the 2009 TSB for the US market. After it there were several more improvements.

Infiniti FX35 (EX35) 9

In most cases, the complete elimination of jerks, dips and tightening gears requires reworking both the engine and gearbox. After such a set of measures, the owners say that forces 50-70 returned to the car. Often, machine owners simply get used to such malfunctions during operation, therefore they turn when they are clearly starting to shake the motor and need repair or diagnostics. But after the procedures do not recognize the car.


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