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Infiniti jx

Infiniti jx 1

Infiniti jx

Infiniti jx 2

In public, this car appeared in 2011 in Los Angeles. This car is a bright representative of the luxury, and the first in the line of Infiniti. At the time of the creation of this model, the main focus of the developers was aimed at creating the utmost comfort and coziness of the interior of this model.

Front Infiniti JX looks no less impressive than the rear. The front part of the car looks very attractive and at the same time not usual, this is achieved due to the design of the headlights, as well as the raised edge of the hood, which has become the trademark of many cars produced by this manufacturer. The dimensions of this crossover are very impressive, so its width is 1960 mm, with a length of 4990 mm, taking into account both bumpers, the height is 1740 mm, the wheelbase of this model is 2900 mm, the car is designed for seven passengers who will be very comfortable when traveling in this wonderful car . The seats are arranged in three rows, in addition, the model has a very impressive trunk. All seats are folded, in addition, for the convenience of seating passengers in the second and third row of seats have the ability to move and are equipped with folding backs. Such a well-thought-out design will not create the slightest discomfort when landing in the cabin. This car has two drive options, full and front. In addition, the machine is equipped with ventilation of all 4 brake discs. As for the power unit of this model, to his great surprise he has one. This is an engine of 3.5 liters of atmospheric type, capable of delivering power equal to 260 horsepower. Together with this unit, the variator also works, with the Drive Mode Selector equipment, it is thanks to this V-belt variator that the car has the ability to select and switch to any of the four transmission modes. And thanks to this ability, the car behaves perfectly not only on any road surface, but also in any weather conditions. Another undoubted advantage of this model is its low fuel consumption, in comparison with such very impressive engine volumes. So fuel costs per 100 km will be only 12.5 liters.

The security system of this model is also at the highest level, meets all the requirements, and can be equipped at the request of the owner. Also, an undeniable bonus was the presence of blind spots in this car, and the presence of a security system that has the right to intervene in direct control in order to avoid an emergency. Maneuverability, comfort and safety, put this model in line with the best crossovers of all brands.


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