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Infiniti Q50 Sedan

Infiniti Q50 Sedan 1

Sedan Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q50 Sedan 2

The presentation of the Infiniti Q50 sedan took place at the end of 2013. This car was developed on the Infiniti Etferea concept platform. As a result, the sedan received an individual body design, in which the volumetric radiator grille, the head LED optics, and the non-standard bend of the rear pillars attract attention. The sedan has excellent aerodynamic characteristics, is equipped with all-wheel drive, provides a comfortable cabin, equipped with modern electronic equipment, to the services of the driver and passengers.

Interior equipment Infiniti Q50

Salon Infiniti Q50, depending on the configuration option, is finished with aluminum inserts of complex shape or valuable polished wood. The seats for this car were developed by NASA and the result was unique. The profile of the seat helps reduce fatigue, have tangible lateral support and literally keep the driver in their “arms” while driving. The driver’s seat is provided with a large number of adjustments, some of which are non-standard. For example, when landing, you can adjust the popliteal roller. Changing the position of the chair is carried out using an electric drive. The rear sofa is designed for two people, between which is a wide armrest.

When inspecting the cabin, the Infiniti in Touch communication system is noteworthy. This system significantly unloaded the center console and dashboard, made the process of driving a car more comfortable and simple. The system displays information on two touch screens located one above the other. Data from the navigator, indications of the operation of some components and the vehicle’s unit are transmitted to the upper screen. The lower screen is mostly used to view video, output images from cameras. The operation of the screens can be controlled by gestures, voice.

Engine specifications, options Infiniti Q50

If you decide to buy an Infiniti Q50, then you should pay attention to the option of equipping the car with a hybrid powertrain. It consists of a 296 liter gasoline engine. from. and an electric motor with a capacity of 68 liters. from. The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is charged from a gasoline engine. A hybrid power plant is able to accelerate the car to hundreds in five seconds with very modest fuel consumption. In the database, the car is equipped with a 328 l gasoline engine. from. All power units operate with automatic transmission.

The Infiniti Q50 is equipped with high-tech options, some of which have never been used before. For example, a system for keeping a car in a lane will independently keep the car in the road marking zone. Data in this system comes from cameras mounted on the car body. Other electronic systems will not allow you to make a collision with an obstacle, will help you to park, will automatically switch the high beam to low beam, etc..


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