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Infiniti qx 56 – review and test drive

Infiniti qx 56 - review and test drive 1

Infiniti qx 56 – specifications, description of changes, fuel consumption

Infiniti qx 56 - review and test drive 2

Review and test drive of the new 2014 Infiniti QX56

Among SUVs similar to the Infiniti QX56 there is no such car that would leave such a vivid impression. This unusual car received an unusual design, and all its features are clearly emphasized by the dimensions of the vehicle.

Restyling of the 2014 Infiniti QX 56 added the flagship of the Infiniti lineup even more luxury compared to the previous generation and saved this crossover from its inherent American uncouthness. As a result of all changes, Infinity QX56 2014 essentially turned out to be a completely new car.

Technical characteristics of the 2014 Infiniti QX56 received a few changes due to serious refinement of the base on which this generation of the crossover was built. The body structure has become more rigid due to the use of the increased width of the side members, as well as through the modernization of the frame transverse and longitudinal beams. The restyled 2014 Infiniti QX56 received a stiffer cabin mount through the use of a special design in the rear door opening.

Another important change in the updated Infinity QX56 was a modernized power unit with an increase to 405 hp. power. It is also worth emphasizing that manufacturers managed to reduce the fuel consumption of the Infiniti QX56 with this engine compared to its predecessor.

The creators were able to increase the motor power thanks to the DIG fuel injection system, the variable valve timing system and by changing the degree of opening of the WEL valve. Paired with an updated power unit, an automatic 7-speed gearbox with a lockable transformer is installed. Its advantages are on the face – accelerating dynamics are improving, and the fuel consumption of the Infinity QX56 2014 is reduced due to shorter gears.

The 2014 Infiniti QX56 2014 test drive by specialists showed that the upgraded engine up to 3 thousand revolutions works surprisingly smoothly and quietly, but when accelerated to the maximum, it starts to get furious and takes the driver and passengers away at speed. Its acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h takes only 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed can be 210 km / h.

The updated and improved technical specifications of the Infiniti QX56 2014 allow this car to accelerate with unusual ease, which, due to its large dimensions, may seem unnatural. Well, the new filler design allowed the creators to achieve a low drag coefficient of only 0.37 units. In addition, if the updated crossover moves at high speeds, zero lift begins to affect it..

Restyling Infinity QX56 touched and suspension. The updated crossover received a completely independent suspension with pneumatic elements that constantly maintain clearance. This car does not have a stabilizer bar, it was replaced by an innovative hydraulic system HBMC, the essence of which is that each shock absorber received a hydraulic cylinder. This 2014 Infiniti QX56 system works thanks to fluid overflow depending on the presence of a load on one or another shock absorber. It significantly reduces impacts on the suspension due to the separate adjustment of transverse-angular and vertical vibrations.

As the test drive of the Infiniti QX56 showed, this car allows drivers with training to enjoy the pleasure of controlled drifts on the road when driving with rear-wheel drive. Manageability is good, a powerful engine is enough to make the crossover slide, the wheels of the front axle can be connected adequately and smoothly, distributing the skid angle. But for such maneuvers, you should choose empty tracks, otherwise you can create an emergency.

In general, the Infiniti QX 56 car as it should be for vehicles of its class turned out to be pathos and expensive, and the modernization improved its technical and driving characteristics.


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